new_years_quote_cover_7 Restrictive Diets Vs. Disciplined Eating a New Approach for 2018!

2018 is going to be healthiest year , Right?!!!

Warning..Watch out for all the new diet plans (fails) being advertised out there!

There is a huge difference between restrictive vs. disciplined eating. The biggest being restrictive almost always end in failure where disciplined becomes a lifelong strategy for better health.  Most of today’s “diets” are restrictive and overall not very healthy. They have you eating a certain way, certain time, certain amount, and if you follow that exact certain plan MAYBE you MIGHT shed a few pounds. But what happens when you stop following that certain plan?  You know it! You are back where you started.

This New Year just don’t do it, don’t set yourself up to fail.

Forget about restrictive diet resolutions and LEARN about REAL FOOD! Read labels and if you don’t understand what they say then don’t buy it!  Many of my blogs can help you learn how to make healthy food choices step by step! The goal is to eat clean and know where your food comes from! Don’t go on a diet. Instead, make a lifestyle change to adapt to a disciplined way of eating for long term health and longevity!

The first step is to find your WHY or your purpose.  This may take some soul searching.  Write this down and put it up where you can see it everyday. Then decide what will work for YOU longterm (NOT what your friend is doing).  It might mean you need to first address food addictions, emotional eating, and detox from sugar. Be honest with yourself. You know what you need to do! This takes time, patience, and HARD WORK WITHIN!

You already know that exercise is good for you to! Exercise is one is one of the most important parts of keeping your body at a healthy weight. 2018 is the year to get moving! Living a healthy lifestyle not only includes dietary changes but DAILY exercise for long term maintenance!



  • Weigh, measure, and count every morsel of food that goes in your mouth.
  • Random pills, powders, drinks, and full replacement drinks with a mile long list of ingredients
  • “Cheat Days” 1 day a week to eat and fill up on whatever junk you want (without limitations)
  • Constant “mini” meals and timing everything.
  • Same foods day in and day out or even worse pre-made meals or snacks.
  • Avoids fat or strictly limits consumption
  • Encourages using artificial sweeteners
  • Counts calories
  • Frustration,tension, and often confusion about what foods are allowed
  • See’s food as just food
  • Diet plan goes for a certain length of time (3 weeks, 1 month) with “promises”
  • Some plans use a celebrity spokesperson explaining benefits of the particular “program”
  • Diet ends and weight and old habits creep back in



  • Eyeballs food amounts
  • Uses real WHOLE FOOD supplements to hep with nutritional balance and restoration.
  • Small  healthy made treats allowed when you feel like it
  • Relaxed, eat when your truly hungry (3 meals a day)
  • Eat a variety of healthy nourishing foods. Teaches and encourages homemade cooking with organic REAL ingredients
  • Embraces and encourages daily intake of healthy fats
  • Encourages weaning off of processed white sugar and using natural replacements if needed
  • Doesn’t count calories but focuses on nutrients
  • Healthy choices come easy due to knowledge of food labels and ingredients.
  • See’s food as FUEL
  • Lifestyle without a timeline
  • Uses food science and nutritional facts along with evolution and genetic history to teach healthy food choices
  • Never ends

If your 2018 goal is to get healthy make sure what you are doing is sustainable and something that can become a long term healthy lifestyle commitment. Beware of quick fixes or complicated strict regimes of eating.  These almost always end in failure, guilt and the endless cycle of dieting.

This year do something different! My 14 day REAL FOOD REAL FITNESS plan can help you along the way! Plus follow me on Instagram for meal ideas, fitness motivation, and overall healthy living!

Getting healthy is actually not as dreadful or complicated as our society makes it out to be. Here are a few  quick tips; Find support, learn about food, read and dissect labels, cook in your kitchen (not from a box), use food as Fuel, love yourself enough to take care of your body, get out of the large chain grocery store and visit farmers markets, recognize that food matters, go organic, and get moving! Always remember…Health is the Ultimate Wealth!!

Happy New Year!

Be Well 🙂

Susie R.

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