women-reaching-in-sky-210x300 Biohacking 101

Well if this year has taught us anything its that we can no longer sit on the side lines when it comes to our health. Health is not complicated but comes with discipline and most important a health supporting daily routine. Now beyond the quest for healthy living enters the realm of BIOHACKING. A yearning to not only be healthy but healthy and truly THRIVING in mind , body, and spirit.

I am diving deeper into the study of biohacking and how it can not only help keep you healthy and thriving but ALSO taps into the bodies natural ability to heal and maintain youthful vibrant living. Biohacking also brings us closer to nature and ultimately God the source of all things.

Biohacking is the process of making changes to your lifestyle in order to naturally “hack” your body’s biology and feel your best.

I am officially in the Do-it-yourself biohacking category and experimenting with small daily changes that can have a big impact.

Here are 6 biohacking strategies you to can try today!

  1. Change your diet by cutting our all the junk and sugar! Go Primal. I have written extensively on this topic so go back and check those articles out on the blog.  Get your body fueled with real PRIMAL food. Keeping insulin levels low will keep inflammation away, allow you to reach your ideal bodyweight effortlessly, prevent chronic disease, and you will feel great!
  2. Intermittent fasting is gaining popularity as its a solid method for losing weight and normalizing insulin sensitivity, which can help prevent chronic diseases. It also regulates ghrelin levels (the hunger hormone) and leptin which sends signals to the brain when you’re full and should stop eating. Primal diet combined with intermittent fasting are a powerful biohack!
  3. Sweat alot a few times a week! Sweating either by sauna, high heat yoga, or HIIT is going to help with autophagy and daily detox.
  4. Dry brushing involves using a soft specific brush by gently stroking the skin. The gentle pressure and movement of the bristles helps stimulate lymph flow to gently detoxify the body. To dry brush begin at your feet and brush upwards with long, smooth strokes always brushing towards the center of your body.
  5. Grounding/earthing or (walking around on the grass and earth barefoot) believe or not has an impact on your internal body systems. Its really a simple biohacking secret! When we spend time on the earth our feet act as electrical currents, allowing the natural electrical charges that the earth produces to flow through us. How cool is that?!! Grounding can improve your sleep, reduce inflammation, and get you out in nature. Start today and take your shoes off outside!
  6. Infrared light therapy can be used to help with skin ailments such as chronic acne or excema by increasing the nutrients and oxygen supply to the cells. As a biohack using infrared light weekly can help keep joints, muscles, and nerves thriving by promoting healing within the body. I love the Joovv Go light mini for this !

How about you? Have you tried biohacking? Let me know !

Be Well 🙂

Susie R.