REAL food does not come from a package. It is not fried, refined, or fake. It has ingredients you can read and understand.

  “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”

DSC6595-720x479-1-e1484624670934 What is REAL Food ?

REAL food meals take time to cook and are not prepared at the snap of a finger or grabbed from a drive through window. REAL food can HEAL and PREVENT disease. It energizes you and nourishes your body with essential vitamins and minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and protein.

REAL food is……….

  • Fresh whole unprocessed food.
  • Fruits/veggies(preferably organic)
  • Humanely raised meats fed their natural diet (pastured)
  • Raw full fat dairy
  • Eggs from hens able to forage for seeds and worms and roam outdoors
  • Fermented foods and beverages
  • Nuts/seeds (preferably soaked or sprouted)
  • Properly prepared grains (soaked), and quinoa, rice (in moderation)
  • Healthy fats from olive, palm or coconut oils, coconut, avocado, flax, and pastured butter and ghee to name a few- with emphasis on proper Omega 3 and Omega 6 balance.

Eating REAL food is not restrictive and it does not follow a specific dietary theory.  It is keeping these guidelines above and finding what works for you.

Most people will see their health improve and lose weight eating minimal or no grains and getting off of the processed carbohydrate cycle.  On the other hand most ALL people also will improve their health dramatically by eating more vegetables AND healthy fats.

Getting back in the kitchen and cooking is another tip to get yourself eating more REAL food.

Eating REAL food given to us by God the ultimate creator is not a diet but a lifestyle choice that will prevent disease, heal or improve existing health conditions, increase longevity, improve mood and zest for life and make you overall happier and healthier! Food is medicine!

Be Well 🙂

Susie R.

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