IMG_9770-227x300 Wake up. Workout.

What a week at the gym. I had some serious high’s and low’s! I’ll start with the low’s to get that out of the way. My thoughts finally came together a few hours after I got home from the workout. It was a morning class at Syphus Training that I was well rested and fueled up for. I was ready to work hard but then came the avalanche. An avalanche of feelings hit midway. Angry, defeated, frustrated, and exhausted are the first words that came to mind after the workout. I was over thinking and doubting what I know I can do. I quit to soon. This is what I call EGO CHECK and it happens often to me at Syphus Training. This Syphus therapy builds character and brings you back home to form first. Its a process but always leads me back to work.

When you get to a point in your fitness journey that you are working out for more than weight loss everything changes. Connecting the mind, body, and spirit is golden and leads you to want more. You expect more of yourself, you keep going and working then you start to hold yourself to a certain standard. Getting uncomfortable or vulnerable is where this begins to happen. This is fit soul work!

STOrange-1-e1522320616732 Wake up. Workout.

Are those really lows? So much growth happens in the lows that I have to remember its how I am actually getting stronger. With that said now its on to the highs of the workout!!! As I got back to the gym on Friday it hit me only about 15 minutes in.  It was on of “those” workouts that just felt so right so good and how this POST came to be……

The rhythm provides the flow. Becoming form first is beyond physical strength. The work you are putting into your physical body has an impact within the energetic body. Connecting these two is the FORCE. A CONNECTION TO SOMETHING BEYOND PHYSICAL.

Some workouts will have more depth than others.

Pay attention.



A Fit life is life giving!!

Be Well! 🙂

Susie R.

IMG_9778-636x1024 Wake up. Workout.