christmas-gift-boxes-300x200 RFRF 2018 HEALTHY Holiday Wish List !

Its officially the holiday season and its time to get on top of our shopping lists! I’ve searched long and hard to bring you some of the best natural, eco-friendly, organic, healthy, fit and stylish gifts.


 1.Essential Oil Diffuser Himalayan Salt Lamp

salt-lamp RFRF 2018 HEALTHY Holiday Wish List !

For the essential oil loving friend or family member this oil diffuser is made from salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains. When the salt is heated, it releases negative ions. The negative ions are said to calm nerves, revitalize cells and purify the air for a holistic experience.

 2. Oura Ring

oura-ring RFRF 2018 HEALTHY Holiday Wish List !

This one is actually on my own holiday wish list! The OURA ring is a revolutionary ring-sized wellness computer that helps you sleep and perform better.  It measures the physiological signals of your body, understands your lifestyle, and guides you to better understand your sleep and daily fitness level.

3. Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses

swannies RFRF 2018 HEALTHY Holiday Wish List !

This makes a great gift for everyone! They even have them for kids! If you look at a computer or phone screen daily you NEED these! I just ordered mine!  Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses improve your sleep and health by filtering out harmful artificial light from digital devices. Wearing these FDA-registered glasses at least an hour before bed allows you to use phones, tablets, computers and e-readers freely without disrupting your sleep. Swannies also prevent sore eyes, headaches, fatigue and blurred vision associated with digital eye strain.

4. Hu Chocolate Bundle

hu-chocolate RFRF 2018 HEALTHY Holiday Wish List !

For the chocolate lover on your list Hu chocolate will rock their world and is actually HEALTHY!!! “Hu-style” chocolate is a delicious, mild, warmer-toned chocolate that contains no refined sugar, no emulsifiers, no soy, no dairy, no sugar alcohols, no gluten, and no GMO’s!!!

5. Love Tag Necklace #warrior

warrior-necklace-300x300 RFRF 2018 HEALTHY Holiday Wish List !

For the girl who lives and loves fitness this beautiful personalized necklace will make her day! Plus they are made by my beautiful and creative friend Chelsea! Also choose from #barre, #pilates, #hustle, or custom make your own like I did! #realfood

6. Indoor Herb Gargen Starter Kit

indoor-herb-garden-300x300 RFRF 2018 HEALTHY Holiday Wish List !

This is the perfect gifts for gardeners or wannabe gardeners, vegan or vegetarian gifts, kitchen gifts for housewarming, or DIY kits for kids. This kit includes 100% USDA ORGANIC HERB SEEDS, GROWN IN THE USA, NON-GMO, HEIRLOOM VARIETIES. It is a beautifully presented herb seed starter grow kit that contains premium organic seeds for growing herb plants & indoor gardening.

7. Kombucha Brewing Kit

kombucha RFRF 2018 HEALTHY Holiday Wish List !

For your kombucha loving friend or anyone seeking better health this kit has everything you need to start brewing your own kombucha at home. The best in the industry kombucha cultures, equipment, and instruction will turn you into a kombucha-brewing rockstar in no time. This complete and beautiful kit is sure to be the perfect present for any kombucha fan in your life.

8. Savvy Minerals Mascara by Young Living

savvy-minerals-mascara RFRF 2018 HEALTHY Holiday Wish List !

For the makeup obsessed friend on your list try toxic free! This lavender infused mascara works with sensitive eyes. This whole makeup line does zero animal testing and wasn’t formulated with harmful products. Savvy Minerals by Young Living Mascara lets you flutter your lashes with confidence!

9. Danielle Walker’s Eat What You Love Paleo Cookbook

WALK_EatWhatYouLove_3DBook-249x300 RFRF 2018 HEALTHY Holiday Wish List !

For the gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo-eating friends and family on your list this cookbook will become their new favorite!  From the New York Times best-selling author of the Against All Grain series comes 125 recipes for gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo comfort food, from nourishing breakfasts and packable lunches to quick and easy, one-pot, and make-ahead meals.

10. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones 

cq5dam.web_.320.320-300x256 RFRF 2018 HEALTHY Holiday Wish List !

These are great for your workout obsessed friend looking to take music with them even during their crazy high intensity workouts! These headphones have an unmatched combination of comfort and stability. They are engineered to spread contact evenly around the inside of your ear, while the fin conforms naturally to the shape of the upper ridge of your ear. They WON’T fall out, but they will stay comfortable, and you can focus on reaching new heights in your workout!

11. Celine Tea for Two set 

tea-set-200x300 RFRF 2018 HEALTHY Holiday Wish List !

This is seriously the cutest tea set ever! Perfect for the tea lover or even a house warming gift! This gold adorned tea set will elevate the morning ritual or afternoon tea time!!  Includes one teapot and two tea cups.

12. Wise Ape Tea Third Eye Triple Gift Pack

wise-ape-tea-300x300 RFRF 2018 HEALTHY Holiday Wish List !

This tea is literally the healthiest tea on the planet! The teas are blended with specially selected adaptogenic herbs to support your brain and body naturally.  They are 100% all natural and organic high-quality ingredients, without harmful pesticides or GMOs.

13. Dry Farm Wines Friends of the Farm Wine Club

dry-farms-wine-300x55 RFRF 2018 HEALTHY Holiday Wish List !

The Only Health-Focused, Natural Wine Club in the World that is ALL NATURAL & ADDITIVE FREE, LAB TESTED FOR PURITY, SUGAR-FREE, & LOW ALCOHOL.  “We curate the finest sustainably-grown, natural wines. We lab-test for the highest standard of health. You enjoy without the headaches or hangovers.”

Dry Farm Wines curates only the highest quality natural wines from small, sustainable family farms that meet a strict standard of health. Unlike today’s commercialized and processed wines, this is real wine. Nothing added, nothing removed.

14. The 14 Day REAL Food REAL Fitness Reset 

14Day_Cover-sm-238x300 RFRF 2018 HEALTHY Holiday Wish List !
I had to throw this one in here! Don’t let the holidays get the best of you and don’t wait until the New Year to get healthy!

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, are tired of having zero energy, or just want to feel better this reset program is for you! The steps in this plan over 14 days are just the START of a healthier lifetime journey!
IT TIME NOW to unlock the key that will RESET your body and mind to staying fit and healthy for the rest of your life!

Michelle who finished the program says....
“I am down 6 pounds and it’s amazing how a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise impacts so many other aspects of your life in an extremely profound positive way! Thank you Susie R, I felt your passion, kindness, compassion and genuine regard for me throughout the program. No fluff, no hidden agenda just changing lives for the better!”


Happy Shopping Friends!!!

Be Well 🙂

Susie R.

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