You are a force and its time to ACTIVATE your power. Stop sitting back worrying what others might think. Stop letting fear creep in when common sense tells you otherwise. Take back your POWER.
In this crazy chaotic world YOU POWERED UP is your greatest defense.
Wake up and realize the reality that “They” want you living in fear and will never have your best interest at heart. I do not take health advice from companies that profit off disease. Period. I do not take health advice from organizations that advertise unhealthy products.  Red Flag alert and eyes wide open to the big 4…big Tech, big Agra, big Food, and big Pharma.
Rebuke confusion and fear and step boldly into leading your own life.


Power up with these 5 to dominate your life’s journey through the chaos
1. Cook nourishing meals every day.
2. Sweat / move your body and spend quality daily time in nature
3. Digital detox. Clean up what you are reading and watching. Protect your energy.
4. Purge/renew. Clean up your home environment. Pick one room everyday to organize and simplify.
5. Anchor joy. Do more things that bring you joy. Finding Joy welcomes high energy vibes into your daily life.
Create the future you want. Create the new. Keep fighting the good fight. Together we are the revival. 
Be Well! 🙂
Susie R.
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175997299_4089553307772186_1968131490154945233_n-1024x1024 You Are A Force