girl-praying-1024x683 Who Are You ?

40 days…YUP 40 DAYZZZZZZ (thats just about 6 weeks for those who have lost track of time) its been since my family and I have been “staying at home” to stay safe and healthy during this CRAZY pandemic time of our lives.

Being in quarantine can teach you alot about yourself as we have all found that out slowly but surely!

Our pastor said it best a few weeks back during “online” church service we watched from our living room.

” WHO you are in quarantine, is WHO you really are ! “

Just think about that!

Whats been going on with you?

Who are you when everything is stripped away? All the distractions and noise that so easily filled up your life (maybe important and maybe some not so important things)  now suddenly STOPPED …..

Who are you when life as you know it is now different maybe even uncomfortable?

Who are you when things you thought to be your securities  (such as job, hobbies, routines, etc) are suspended some even gone? 

Have you been flexible, bending and accepting? Or rigid, resentful, angry? Maybe a combo of the 2??

Who are you?

Are you entrenched in fear ready to live your future in mask & gloves distanced from your loved ones; putting life on hold as you know it until a mighty medicine comes to save the day?

Are you trusting television news/anchors and toxic (some downright corrupt) headlines to dictate your sense of what’s real?

Do you scroll social media chatter all day? Do you feel the need to vent with your posts.

Are you spreading fear in your actions or words??


Have you decided to rise above the frenzy and push forward with personal goals and refining of your character despite the storm around you?

Can you dig deep and have hope for a positive future despite your current circumstances?

Are you respectful of social distancing orders yet still LIVING LIFE? This means going outside, enjoying nature everyday, waving hello from a distance to people passing by.

Have you found ways to help those in your community who have a much worse situation than you?

Have you looked inward on your current health status and the health of your family and sought to make change?

I’d like to say I have taken the high road and learned real quick that listening to the media was a big no-no in our household. I quit watching the news long ago so this was no biggie for us!

Right off the bat we turned the T.V. off from any and all mainstream media and I believe to this day it was one of the SMARTEST decisions I made.

Fear, doubt, and fake prophesizing done by the media is pure kryptonite. It will make you weak and crumble physically and mentally.

The news thats all over the tv today is literally toxic to your body and brain. It constantly triggers your body into a state of chronic stress that dysregulates your immune system.

Hmm????? sounds contradictory to me when every one is trying to stay healthy.

I refuse to be brain-washed by fear mongering and unknowns because the truth is NOBODY KNOWS what the heck is really going on!

“Fear turns everyone into a fortune teller” -Andy Stanley

Stop it already and turn off the news! Watching the the news is a big waste of your time and bad for your overall health. While your at it avoid conversations with friends and family who obsess over the latest news headline because its just more of the same unknowns and speculations.


Moving on I also knew during this quarantine time I was NOT going to sit around in front of electronics all day inside or let my kids. This is probably one of the unhealthiest things one could do at a time like this.

Staying inside, breathing congested indoor air, avoiding the sun, drinking alcohol, eating junk food, sitting around, scrolling the phone, getting inadequate sleep and not exercising is NOT the smartest approach to take during an outbreak of pandemic illness. 

Of course we are all practicing proper social distancing measures when out of the house but as a family we have committed to

  • working out everyday
  • long walks outside with our pup
  • bringing work outside (homeschool) so we get adequate vitamin D on sunny days
  • getting our garden going outside and growing micro greens indoors
  • going for long car drives (plus my 15 year old needs the practice with her permit)
  • card games & puzzles
  • house chores (yup good ol fashion chores!!!)
  • and lots of nourishing cooking in the kitchen.

I created daily schedules for the family and still do to keep us moving forward and on some sort of routine everyday.

My family and I are living aware, prepared, and fearless in the midst of this global health crisis. Our #1 guide is our heavenly father who through prayer and gratitude has given us his peace and wisdom to trust him in all things. We have had many deep family conversations over dinner, prayer, and gratitude to enhance our mental & spiritual health.

We have decided that we would take to heart that in every struggle there is opportunity. We are using this time to get ahead in areas of our life we may have not otherwise had time to.

I am personally taking this time to continue living like I have been and that is passionate about whole body health with REAL food and REAL fitness focused on ancestral/primal principles. I launched my Primal Health coaching programs and have already worked with some great folks taking charge of their health! Health IS the ultimate wealth!  Whether its corona virus or any virus a strong well nourished immune system is going to help you win the fight and stay healthy and strong all year round.

There is nothing like nourishing REAL foods, sunshine, nature, and fresh air to power your immune system. Yes supplements can be beneficial (for all of you drowning in vitamin C) but nothing can replace the REAL DEAL.

Within our home we are striving to eat super healthy and connecting the dots more than ever as to WHY we nourish our bodies with nutrient dense foods. It is to keep us HEALTHY in the face of a storm now or anytime for a lifetime!  I have had some great health coaching sessions with my girls and used this pandemic as a teaching experience.

Simply stated the standard American diet laden with junk food, processed grains, sugar, alcohol,conventional CAFO meat & dairy and poor water quality is already a recipe for disaster. Add to that pharmaceutical drugs to treat all the disease that these foods contribute to such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure & heart disease and you have a double recipe for disaster plus a truly shot immune system. Throw in a lack of exercise, a job that requires sitting in front of a computer all day, & chronic stress and the body doesn’t have much of a fighting chance left.

Its the truth. The REAL truth.

The truth meaning that a diet laden in industrial food and sedentary lifestyle makes us more vulnerable to the corona virus and many other viruses. Unhealthy diet and lifestyle are driving covid-19 severity.

The lesson in all this is that preventative health care NOW (aka healthy diet, exercise, low stress, sunshine, & attitude of gratitude) will make a huge difference in your quality of life longterm.

Creating a STRONG immune system is nothing new. Its the basis of healthy living.You can not create a healthy immune system overnight or in a pill. Its a lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle that requires not just “healthy food” but NUTRIENT DENSE food, exercise and daily movement (not just 1 hour in the gym), time spent in nature and the SUNSHINE, play, close relationships, passion driven work, and good quality sleep.

I am a faithful person and believe God has a bigger plan in all this…and its up to us to be open to finding the way in that. A lot is unraveling in the world … We need to AWAKEN to this divine energy and let God’s wisdom from the living Bible guide our hearts and souls away from fear into TRUTH.

God is LOVE.

It is you with God that will ultimately determine the next direction of your life .

“And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” (Philippians 4:8)

God is waiting for you to be thankful for what you have right now in this moment and get the areas of your life that are in rebellion back in line. Now is the time ! Righteous living allows us direct access to Gods pure love.

Though we are all navigating this time in our own way we are all in it together. Choose to think positive uplifting thoughts and fix your mind on this every day. When you do this you close the door to fear and open your heart to allow God to work in your life.

Who are you?

Will the post-coronovirus age bring forth a refreshed, better, brighter, healthier, stronger version of yourself?

What will you choose? Fear or Faith?

Be Well 🙂

Susie R.

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