Slide3 Wakeup. Workout!

Studies show you are more likely to get your workout in if you do it first thing in the morning vs. later. Maybe you are not a morning person but sometimes its not just effort but the type of effort you make with exercise that can get you the results you are looking for!

Get up and go!  If you have to get up a half an hour earlier every morning then just do it! After a while it just becomes your routine!

Benefits of working out first thing in the morning include;

  • You can keep up the fast from overnight and tap into stored fat for energy
  • Improves overall sleep
  • “Jump starts” your metabolism and keeps it elevated for hours, sometimes up to 24 hours!
  • You are energized for the day
  • You make better food choices throughout the day and it puts you in a “healthier” mindset for the day.
  • Increased mental acuity
  • You will feel great all day!
  • It brings clarity and peace to start the day
  • Helps you reach your fitness goals with consistency
  • Helps to develop strong self discipline
  • Better long-term results

Those who exercise in the morning are more consistent exercisers than those who exercise later in the day.  Our bodies love routine and will produce better long-term results we are looking for! So what are you waiting for?

Get up and go!

Be Well 🙂

Susie R.

IMG_9403-1024x1024 Wakeup. Workout!