I love Italian food and I love spaghetti!  Here is how to enjoy a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs without the massive carb load and processed white flour noodles.

Brown rice noodles are sometimes an option I try not to eat those to often.  Instead I use a healthier replacement which is spaghetti squash!  No need to use a fancy machine to make ‘zoodles” instead just pop this big veggie in the oven and your done!

Here is how I make this SIMPLE Noodle Replacement.

  1. Cut the ends of of the Squash and stand it up to cut in half with a good sharp knife. BA28AFD0-6505-4D93-A45E-93C377F604AB-300x225 The Ultimate NOODLE Replacement!
  2. The inside should look and smell fresh (always check because sometimes they are rotten). Next scrape out all the seeds.and most of the scraps.31497857-9260-4358-A984-4CDF5EEB5A06-300x225 The Ultimate NOODLE Replacement!8EC6C920-63BD-4A29-8CE4-B1CCAB639405-300x225 The Ultimate NOODLE Replacement!
  3. In a glass baking dish put a coating of avocado or coconut oil on the bottom and lay squash cut side down. Bake at 350 for 45 minutesF1F6D89F-2BB4-4607-939D-D0A934B7CB4A-e1508669725117-225x300 The Ultimate NOODLE Replacement!60AF4C02-A438-400E-B891-5163F2A6C14E-300x225 The Ultimate NOODLE Replacement!
  4. Take squash out and let cool.  Then with a fork slowly scrape the inside out into your bowl until you get to the outer skin. CE3E6C86-266B-445D-856B-415D7A5FBD79-e1508669818917-225x300 The Ultimate NOODLE Replacement!
  5. Use you spaghetti noodles as a replacement for any pasta dish or just as a side.

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39223991-FF74-490E-AC6F-B8F5640A85A1-1024x1024 The Ultimate NOODLE Replacement!


Be Well,

Susie R 🙂

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