So many people associate exercise just with wanting to lose weight/tone up.  Even more common is a New Years resolution to get healthy that only lasts a few week. These reasons are good but losing weight and getting healthy just touch the surface of what exercising everyday can do for you.  Daily exercise offers soooo much more!  women-stretching-arms-out-in-happiness-300x200 There Is So Much More to Exercise Than Just Weight Loss!

 For me it’s a healthy outlet to the everyday stresses of life. It helps me create personal goals to work towards plus it makes me feel beautiful and strong everyday! I hope after reading below you too will be finally convinced to add exercise into your daily schedule and STICK WITH IT making it a lifestyle!

Here are 20 benefits of exercising daily you probably did not think of…

1. It’s a healthy outlet to the everyday stresses of life.

2. It’s serious disease prevention!

3. It’s gives you natural high (everyday!)

4. It brings clarity and peace of mind to our overburdened technology driven brains.

5. It provides a sense of accomplishment and self-efficacy, the belief that you can tackle challenges head on.

6. It can be the only thing good when all goes wrong in your day.

7. It can be an easy socializing opportunity (for those who are introverts).

8. It teaches kids by example to care about their health and wellness

9. Exercising daily almost always leads to healthier food choices and paying attention to what you are putting in your body.

10. It improves relationships!  When you feel good about yourself and take care of yourself you feel AWESOME and that rubs off on others!

11. You inspire others to get healthy without even knowing it!

12. You SMILE more- its true! Because you feel so good!

13. It can give a sense of purpose to those who are lost in life by setting and reaching goals therefore improving confidence and quality of life.

14. Exercise can get you back in touch with nature  (think outdoor walks or running).

15. It can inspire and lead to other healthy lifestyle changes.

16. It brings you closer to God by making you realize and feel that there is something bigger out there giving you strength.

17. It helps you fall asleep quicker at night and sleep more soundly.

18. You become “that” person who workouts everyday- It’s a good thing!

19. Even if it was the only lifestyle change you made you would be healthier for it.

20. Its keeps you looking and feeling young

And yes, last but not least exercise can help with weight loss or maintanence.

EXERCISE is so beneficial in all areas of life many of which we don’t even realize. But I do promise once you make it your lifestyle you WILL see these things come to pass in your life.  Its not how long or how hard its consistency that matters!


Susie R. 🙂