In the midst of reading some recent backlash against health/fitness bloggers and how they make exercising and eating healthy so simple, easy, and basically unrealistic I got a little annoyed. Annoyed because its NOT easy or simple and I hoped that I didn’t make it look that way.

I thought it would be good to write a purely honest blog on what really is going on behind the scenes of my Facebook page and healthy living/fitness blogs so you can see that it does take a village, lots of planning and support, plus motivation to stay on track with my health and fitness. Also that I am not some superhuman but a REAL person with many of the same struggles many of you face!


This morning I planned on getting to a 9am exercise class for 1 hour. Yes I wanted to GET.IT.DONE (a familiar motto I use) and workout in the morning but it surely took some serious planning to leave the house for 60 min. What you did not see on my FB page was that I had my niece come over to babysit my 2 daughters. My husband had to drive my other daughter to horse camp on his way to work which started at 9am, and I had more help here for the baby.

Oh yes I forgot I also had to be sure to feed the baby before I left and time this perfectly so I would not be a leaky mess during my exercise class (breastfeeding problems). Then I had to be sure I had some pumped milk available just in case she got hungry while I was gone and pray she would take a bottle if needed. As I rushed around and kissed everyone good-bye I drove off anxious with a little mothers guilt because I was leaving but happy I DID IT!!!

I worked my butt off in the class and it felt damn good! And this was a good day! Most days I am at home with my 4 kiddos and have to pull together a workout in my basement,  if I am lucky its 30 minutes.

So there you have it! Getting exercise in everyday is a priority and it takes a village for me to make it happen but I do, somehow I do!

Cooking REAL FOOD…..

I posted a great picture of the homemade guacamole I made last night. What you did not see was that I let my kids watch some TV so I could cook and after I had my 10 year old daughter outside babysitting everyone in the yard (which she was not thrilled about). This got me about 45 min total to put together some REAL food for dinner.

Also in between trying to pull together a HEALTHY home made dinner I had to run upstairs and “shush” the baby about 100 times because she was not going down for her nap. Yes I was frustrated, yes I wanted to throw in the towel and order pizza but I didn’t. I just kept moving on like I do always and despite the baby not taking a nap she did sit in her swing for 20 minutes while we all enjoyed a healthy dinner together. The guacamole was the best!


Lastly as I tried to jump back on the computer after dinner to message anyone back that I needed to from my FB page or blog and catch up on my news feed it was not easy. I was met again with a tired baby and 3 other little girls who needed to have showers and baths and lots of hair combed out before bed.   Needless to say I did not get much time to review some of the articles I wanted to post and I put it aside for another day.

My hubby jumped in and took over with my 3 older girls and it was just baby Faith and I and the dreadful witching hours of 7-9pm (all of you with a baby under 3 months old know this time very well)….. After she would not go to sleep in her crib or snuggle nest I gave up and went to bed with her. Yes at 8:30 pm I was OUT, with her sleeping next to me. ( I know co-sleeping is controversial but I am very safe and hey it’s the only way I get sleep). Then I was woken up 3 hours later because she wanted to nurse. (No I do not have one of those miraculous babies that sleep through the night).

So after a few strung together naps (that’s what I pretty much would call my night “sleep”) I hope and pray I can pull it all together again for tomorrow.

Why do I do it? Why do I care? Why do I exercise everyday? Why do I do all I can to get REAL homemade food into my family’s mouth even when I am exhausted?  Why do I feel the need to continue on and be a REAL food advocate via social media and my blogs?

Well this is why! Right here! These 4 faces and my hubs to of course!

IMG_2544-1024x768 The Struggle is REAL friends!




I want to be sure I raise strong girls. Girls who have good and healthy body image. Girls who know how to cook for themselves and for their future families. Girls who understand that God has provided for us the foods we need to live and thrive. Girls who come to learn and know that health is the ultimate wealth! That the mind, body, and spirit are all connected and to honor this connection by living a healthy life.

That’s it! Thats the REAL me behind REAL food and REAL fitness!

Real food advocate, fitness junkie, but REAL mom first!!!!!!

Be well, 🙂

Susie R.