The single most important nutrient you can put in your body is WATER! 100% pure unflavored water. You body is 75% water so it makes sense that this essential fluid MUST be continually replenished.

infused-water-shefit-pic-240x300 The Single Most Important Nutrient You Can Put In Your Body is WATER!

Many people are confused by how much water they should be drinking. Basically a smaller person would need less than a bigger person and it also depends on your level of physical activity, the climate in which you live and your diet.

Drinking more water makes the body lighter and more balanced. Cravings for sweets may actually be signals of dehydration. Drinking water may reduce or eliminate the cravings.

A large majority of the American population is dehydrated. When you regularly consume enough water you flush out the kidneys and bladder which ensures that dead cells and other waste products can be eliminated.

So what is the best water to drink? Plastic water bottles are popular but NOT the best option for you or the environment. They can leach harmful chemicals into the actual water and contribute to pollution in our environment. Also be aware that most tap water contains chlorine, fluoride, and sometimes lead. It’s best to get some type of filter system such as Brita (least expensive), carbon water filters, or a reverse osmosis filter (more expensive).

Lastly, timing is also important in water intake. Right when you wake up you should drink 1-2 glasses of water to hydrate the body.   Caffeinated drinks like coffee, soda and black tea don’t count because they are dehydrating. After a workout it’s important to drink pure water. Electrolyte drinks (preferably homemade) can help but water is best. Pure water is best to hydrate with.

Surprisingly many people suffering from low energy, cravings and annoying health symptoms simply start to feel better by merely drinking more water!

So what if you don’t like the taste of plain water? The best option is to make your own infused waters. All you need is some of your favorite fruits and herbs like mint. You can make them ahead of time and store in GLASS mason jars in the fridge. Cut up the ingredients and put about ¼ cup in to infuse the water.

Try these delicious combo’s

  • Strawberry, orange, mint

  • Lemon, mint

  • Orange, lemon, lime

  • Watermelon

  • Cucumber

  • Cucumber, mint, lime

  • Pineapple