The world may seem full of chaos but there is a calm to the storm. We have all been put to the test this last year. Its ok to not be ok but know that no matter what.. we are resilient. My personal plan has been to trust God through it all and rise up over the chaos. Only give power to what I want and not what I don’t. The key has been realizing that no one is coming to save us. We are the revival! We are all connected. Together we light up the sky! We were made to thrive!

Stop looking outside yourself for answers.

The power is in you!! 

Search deep and you will find it. 

“They” want you in a box trapped in fear but you have the power to escape.

Shut the external out and go in. Do the work.

You may have to break down walls and go through the trenches but don’t stop believing and don’t give up. You can live fearless and free.

Create a clear sharp mind. Exercise and clean up your diet, sleep well. Your body is the temple to house your soul.

Step boldly into self leadership.

God has fully equipped you to become victorious.

You are made in the image if God.

Remain humble and kind. Anchor joy.


Help others heal.

Prosperity comes to those who add value to others peoples lives. 

Keep fighting the good fight.

Own your health. Lead your life.

You powering up is your greatest defense. 

Fight back!

You are a force.

The power is in you.

Do all things to the glory of God.

Get to work! 


Be Well! 🙂

Susie R.

IMG_8007-526x1024 The Power is in YOU !