IMG_6942-768x1024 Tasty Kale Chips
Children learn what they live! It’s our job as parents to teach our children that health is wealth!
Learning about nutrition and developing healthy habits can have a profound impact on your child’s long term health and overall wellness.
Healthy homes are stocked with REAL (organic) food – fruits,veggies,raw nuts/seeds,wild fish,clean meats, pastured eggs and non processed snacks.
As much as possible get cooking in the kitchen and involve the kids at any age! My younger kids like to do most of the chopping and my older children can prepare more complex dishes and work with the oven.  The more often you involve your kids in cooking the easier it gets and the more they learn!
Lastly sit down and eat together as much as possible with no distractions (electronics). We are busy with our four children involved in multiple after school activities but we still try to schedule in dinner (sometimes at 4pm) so we can eat together most days.
Most IMPORTANT- Lead by example. Your kids are watching you!!!!
Try these homemade kale chips for a healthy after school snack the whole family will LOVE.


Organic Kale
Remove kale from stems and chop up.
IMG_6933-e1549328352546-225x300 Tasty Kale ChipsIMG_6934-300x225 Tasty Kale Chips
Layer on a baking sheet and drizzle avocado oil and sea salt over top.
IMG_6935-e1549328312422-225x300 Tasty Kale Chips
TIP – MASSAGE KALE and make sure leaves are coated well with oil
IMG_6937-e1549328375706-225x300 Tasty Kale Chips
Bake at 375 for 25 minutes.
IMG_6938-e1549329557336-225x300 Tasty Kale Chips
We like to dip these in paleo Garlic aioli mayo😋
IMG_6939-e1549329964472-225x300 Tasty Kale Chips
IMG_6942-225x300 Tasty Kale Chips
Be Well! 🙂
Susie R.
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