Did you know what you are eating can have a significant impact on your skin?

skin-picture--300x173 REAL Food Beauty Secrets for Glowing, Radiant, Younger looking Skin!

Our skin just like our other organs needs nourishing foods high in vitamins, minerals, essential fats, complex carbs, and protein to keep it looking and functioning best. When these components are missing or when we bombard the body with artificial and inflammatory foods the skin often reacts with break-outs, persistent rashes or bumps, dryness and flaking, eczema, acne, even excess wrinkles and lines.

So first things first if you are looking to improve the look and quality of your skin you need to know that there is NO miracle product on the market (so stop wasting your money!) Many of today’s beauty products claim to help but are actually quite toxic. If you find an organic product you love with ingredients you completely understand that is the only exception!

 The best first step to improving the skin is to address your diet.

The single best product for your skin is NOT a beauty product but food! Start by eliminating processed food, artificial beverages, limiting alcohol, drinking more water, and eating more clean foods including organic fruits, veggies, cultured veggies, and pastured meats.

Along with this step there are some SUPERFOODS for the skin that help your own body heal from the inside out. Eating these superfoods daily will calm rashes or inflamed skin, eliminate bacteria, viruses, and toxins which can help clear up acne or annoying breakouts, plump up and fill in wrinkles (naturally!), and nourish persistent dry skin and bumps.

 Here are my 3 top superfoods for the skin radiant-skin-blog-pic-200x300 REAL Food Beauty Secrets for Glowing, Radiant, Younger looking Skin!



And GELATIN (yes gelatin!)

 I promise you if you start taking one or all of these daily you WILL see less acne/breakouts, have buttery smooth skin, no dry spots or cracked skin, less fine lines, and plumper healthier glowing skin!

Here’s why…


Due to its antimicrobial and anti-viral activity coconut oil applied topically stops any microbial infection so acne can not develop or worsen. Taken internally it will give you a similar level of protection. Coconut oil is a rich source of vitamin E. This keeps your skin healthy and ensures proper functioning of the sebum glands and clears blockage. This means that it treats the actual root cause of acne! Beyond acne coconut oil when applied topically helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Coconut oil helps to keep your connective tissues strong and aids in exfoliating the outer layer of dead skin cells making your skin smoother. Unrefined coconut oil is best. I keep a jar on my kitchen counter and on my bathroom counter. That way I remember to use it often!


When it comes to dry flaky skin, and eczema animal-based omega-3 fat can play an important role. It’s one of the best ways to hydrate your skin from the inside out besides drinking plenty of clean water. Don’t forget your kiddos to! I can tell you from experience within 6 months of cleaning up my daughters diet and giving her CLO off the spoon daily she no longer has eczema or any dry skin problems. Cod liver oil will improve the overall quality, texture, and color of your skin. Just wait and see…when people start to ask you what you are doing different and that your skin looks great just tell them your taking your coddie!


I put one Tablespoon daily into my smoothies, coffee, or a glass of warm water and drink. Gelatin is essentially cooked, powdered collagen. Taking it internally provides the body the building blocks to build great skin from the inside out and helps reduce wrinkles and even stretch marks. Also gelatin can help tighten loose skin, bonus !

A few last skin superfoods that deserve a mention are avocado, citrus fruits and camu-camu fruit high in vitamin c, bone broth, and green tea!

Stop wasting your $$$ on expensive creams that DON”T WORK! Heal and improve your skin from the inside out! And lastly don’t forget drink plenty of clean pure water and get 7-9 hours of consistent sleep a night!

Where can I buy Coconut Oil, CLO, and Gelatin?

I buy Bronner’s unrefined coconut oil from my local health store. They have a great selection with different price points.

CLO and Gelatin I order from www.radiantlifecatalog.com

Be Well,

Susie R 🙂

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