So its Monday night and you are just finishing clean up from a nice family dinner.  You made a healthy meal that the hubs and kids enjoyed and your feeling great about it.  You get the kiddos to bed and then it HITS!  You want, you need, your craving something sweet but you don’t want to go for junk. The best thing to do is to eat something to satisfy your craving but MAKE IT HEALTHY!!! 

From my home to yours here are a few (grain-free) healthy treats that satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle!

  1. Dates! Dates are really really sweet , chewy, soft, and are a great candy replacement.
  2. Dried apricots again are chewy  and sweet.  If you really want to make something yummy boil the apricots for 30 min and then puree into a “apricot-sauce” ….you will thank me!!
  3. DARK chocolate.  At least 80%! If you are used to eating a hershey bar than this will taste extremely strong and bitter at first.  Hershey’s is not good quality real chocolate so you need to retrain your tastebuds to enjoy the REAL stuff.  Good thing is just a few small pieces does the trick. Let it melt in your mouth with a nice cup of tea!
  4. Frozen organic berries are very satisfying! Eat these yummy cold sweet fruits slowly and enjoy!
  5. Organic apple and organic peanut butter is one of my go-to’s! Sometimes I melt the pb and dip the apples.
  6. Paleo macaroons like these HERE or you can buy the brand Coco-roons which are VERY tasty!
  7. Organic berries with fresh REAL homemade whipping cream sweetened with stevia (homemade whip cream need I say more!).
  8. Chocolate Whey protein shake.  If you crave ice-cream this does the trick! Mix a high quality chocolate whey protein like THIS one with some full fat coconut milk and ice in the blender and savor the chocolate,coconut,creamy,icy flavor plus you are getting some healthy protein and fats!
  9. Homemade OAT ENERGY BITES are something I always have on hand.  I usually make up a batch every Sunday and keep them in the fridge for late night snacks or any time snacks.  I am always adding in things to my standard recipe like protein powder, collagen, camu-camu powder, nuts, seeds, etc…It ends up making a different version everytime but they are ALWAYS a hit with the whole fam!
  10. Avocado mousse.  Yup AVOCADO made into mousse is really good! I even tricked my own mom (who LOVES dessert) by serving her this one night after dinner.  She was SHOCKED when I told her the ingredients, she couldn’t believe how delicious and healthy it was! If you have a few ripe avocado’s laying around try it out for yourself.  Heres the RECIPE I follow but I puree it in the food processor so its extra creamy (with no noticeable traces of the avocado!).

There you have it some yummy treats that you won’t regret eating the next day! How about you? Do you have some healthy treats you enjoy? Please share in the comments !!!!

Be Well 🙂

Susie R.