candy How to Navigate Halloween and ALL.THAT.CANDY!!!candy-300x199 How to Navigate Halloween and ALL.THAT.CANDY!!!

Wow, its mid October already and I have officially begun Halloween prep!  My kids have picked out their costumes and parties are getting planned and organized.  I actually LOVE Halloween and so do my kiddos!

The big question I get almost every year is….


The simple answer is YES!!!!!  (But its a bit more in depth than that!)

We all already know that candy is PURE JUNK! Full of GMO’s, excessive sugar, trans fat (the bad kind), preservatives, artificial food colorings, etc etc etc… There’s no working around those facts.  But trying to control every morsel of food that goes into your child’s mouth is not only unrealistic but not healthy in the long run for anyone.  They WILL eat candy at some point!

But what can you do to help them NOT become candy monsters??

Ultimately I always go back to my main goal and that is I want my children to take charge of their own health!  I simply remind them often that the food they choose to put in their bodies will determine their daily physical energy, impact mental health, and ultimately zest for life so choose wisely!! Also remembering that food choices will either feed or fight disease in the body.

Simply reminding them of this makes them think a little more about food choices!

I don’t buy Candy for my kids nor do we keep it in our house.  I DO buy organic healthier versions like lollipops, gum, even licorice occasionally.  That means we rarely eat candy. Its truly an occasional treat and my kids are aware of that.  I am taking this stance for their long term health. I know they will thank me once they are older! (hopefully)

IMG_9283-e1507659872125-225x300 How to Navigate Halloween and ALL.THAT.CANDY!!!

YumEarth is a great organic NONGMO brand of candy!


As a health coach and REAL food advocate I have put a lot of thought into how to help my kids navigate Halloween and all the candy that comes their way.  There is no shortage of treats that keep flowing the ENTIRE DAY!

It hard no doubt to keep the treats in check but through these lessons year to year I have to say my kids do a great job making the most of the day without getting a major sugar high and crash.

Through the years we have made Halloween about so much more than just a candy gorge!

Here are some helpful ways on how to navigate Halloween and all that candy!

  1. TALK TO YOUR KIDS!! We discuss our favorite treats . How fun its going to be if we find some in our treat bags.  When we get home we will sit down together and enjoy one.
  2. We put excitement and emphasis into spending time with friends, family, and dressing up. We talk about how unique each costume is.  Putting the focus on that and minimizing the treats and CANDY is the way to go.
  3. Lead by example! Don’t pick that day to go on a candy binge yourself.  Keep yourself in check and tell your kids how you are picking just one of your favorite treats to have that day.
  4. Feed kids a protein, fiber and healthy fat packed breakfast like eggs with veggies and pastured bacon.  This will fill up there tummies and help balance out any treats that may get consumed throughout the day.
  5. Bring a healthy option to the school party but make it Halloween themed for fun and more interest. Pinterest is great for this!
  6. Encourage kids not to eat candy while trick or treating but wait until they get home so they are actually aware of what they are consuming (FYI the is a challenging one!)
  7. Don’t let kids put candy bags in their bedrooms. This avoids the whole overconsumption thing and emphasizes that candy is not a free for all but indeed a small occasional treat.
  8. After a few days pack up extra candy and donate or do a Halloween candy buy-back so they can exchange candy for money or gift cards. This is a good one for older kids and gets the candy out of the house!
  9. Be consistent with your word and actions.
  10. Most important just RELAX and HAVE FUN!!!

It will all work out great!!!

Happy Halloween!

BE Well 🙂

Susie R.

halloween-girl-1024x770 How to Navigate Halloween and ALL.THAT.CANDY!!!

Happy Halloween!