My love hate relationship with technology is one I think many of you can share. Though it does have its benefits don’t get me wrong technology is seriously draining the time we have in the day and we don’t even realize it. What does this have to do with REAL food or REAL fitness? Well the excess time you spend looking at your phone or computer could be used to get a workout in or prep up healthy food or sleep for that matter. I think technology if you let it can sabotage your health and weight loss efforts. There I said it.using-cellphone-300x224 My Love/Hate Relationship With Technology When it comes to Health...

If you don’t believe me think of how many mornings you have sat on FB for more than 20 min doing well nothing when you could have shut it down and got in a quick workout. Or how many times have you been distracted by a text that your mood gets thrown off and you no longer feel like working out.  Instead you take the time to go back and forth via text addressing whatever it is you have gotten into and BOOM there goes the time.

Or lets just flip this around and add up all the research you have done via internet of the best workouts, diets and recipes out there that you could have used that time to actually do these things and put them into action. Sure I do believe calorie counters and daily steps tracking devices have benefits but do we really need those? There is just TMI (too much information) out there and its confusing and frustrating and missing the whole point.

The point being that health is really a fairly simple concept!

All I am saying is that I think its good time to time to detox from the digital world when it comes to putting together your health and fitness goals.  Put the phone down and close up the computer and connect with yourself.   Wake up and realize we can enjoy movement or that delicious piece of fruit even more when we are not tracking every step with a FITbit or calorie points.  We don’t have to feel bad about ourselves because we are not doing the latest and greatest booty shaping moves.

Getting healthy and in shape does not require really much research or technology at all. It comes from a desire within and a connection that YOU are responsible for how YOU look and feel, no one else. Ultimately daily motivation comes from a desire to be healthy now and for the long run for you and your family.

Nothings better than experiencing the freedom and ease of your thoughts on a long run without your tunes on your head!!!

Instead of looking up how many calories, fat grams or points are in something STOP and ask yourself “is this a REAL food?” and then from there make your decision to eat it or not. You don’t need a website, article or more research to figure this out. Listen to yourself and your body, it’s all connected.women-stretching-arms-out-in-happiness-300x200 My Love/Hate Relationship With Technology When it comes to Health...

Just as people may miss the connection between daily food choices and how they feel, also lost in the shuffle of FB posts and tweets is the connection that fitness and health are more than six pack abs. It’s a lifestyle of healthy choices for the ultimate goal and understanding that health is the ultimate wealth. Only when you truly grasp this do you make the changes and the results you want come!

Be well 🙂

Susie R