Wow Christmas is ALMOST here! Though I do like to write informative articles and post important food facts this time I am writing on a more personal note.


What that means to each and every one of you is different but I do believe deep down you know what to do. Maybe its just small changes and maybe some are large but either way this is YOUR YEAR and its time to take action!

When you get healthy physically your mental status changes to. Most often people are happier, more positive, motivated, and spiritually connected.   Your body feels good and that makes you feel good! This rubs off on others and makes a difference!

The REAL food movement and REAL food advocates like myself are passionate people here to help you and spread the truth. THE TRUTH BEING THAT THE ULTIMATE WEALTH IS YOUR HEALTH!

Here are a few suggestions and ideas that come to my mind to help you start on your health journey. I hope you will take these healthful steps as you go into the NEW YEAR…….

  •  WAKE UP! and be aware that most of our food supply today you MUST be cautious about and NOT just trust a label or front of a box anymore. More and more companies are using misleading advertising and fake health claims on their products all in the name to make a buck and trick us the consumer into buying.
  •  Pay attention to WHERE your meat and dairy are coming from and be sure it’s from humanely raised animals and NOT FACTORY FARMS otherwise known as CAFO’s (confined animal feeding operations). These animals are sick and abused and we must stop supporting this. If you don’t know ASK!
  •  GMO’S are not safe. STOP supporting companies who use GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) in their food products.   These big business companies care nothing about your health or the health of your family, but are only out for profit. GMO’s corrupt the entire food supply chain and have the ability to make us sick when chronically consumed.
  •  PLEASE support local farmers and farmers markets in your area as often as you can.  These are the guys that CARE and work hard to bring us REAL wholesome food!
  •  Ask questions! If you don’t know about a food or an ingredient do your research. Call the company or ask the grocery store manager about it.
  •  Learn to be a label detective. If you don’t understand an ingredient your body will not either.
  •  Our kids need and thrive on REAL food. Most all “kid” foods today and “kid” menus are making our kids sick with problems like obesity, diabetes, allergies, chronic sickness and yes attention difficulties. PLEASE start making the connection that what your child eats each and every day effects everything from their immunity to their daily mood and concentration. Take the time to nourish their bodies with healthy foods and stop buying fake packaged food.
  •  JUST OPEN YOUR EYES and be mindful of what you put into your mouth and on your body. YOU TRULY ARE WHAT YOU EAT. What you eat makes up all the cells, blood, skin and organs you have. The personal hygiene products you use do get absorbed in the body so use organic and as pure as possible to avoid chemical buildup in the body.
  •  MOVE DAILY! Walk, run, hop, skip, dance, or whatever you choose to do just do it everyday at a good intensity for at least 30 minutes. If you don’t “have” time than MAKE time. YOUR health depends on it!
  • IF YOU SMOKE QUIT! Do whatever it takes and KEEP TRYING, FIND SUPPORT! If you drink to much alcohol remember drinking too much – on a single occasion or over time – can take a serious toll on your health making your body a much easier target for disease.

 You and I are NOT invincible and when you don’t care or do nothing unfortunately it can and WILL catch up to you. Many times it’s too late and the damage is done.

But the good news is it’s a NEW YEAR and this is YOUR time. Listen to your body and take action. HEALTH IS WEALTH!  You are worth it!!!!

 Whether you take just one or all of these suggestions I hope you make eating healthy, feeding your family healthier, exercise, food awareness and mindfulness at the top of your list this New Year!

 Merry Christmas Friends!

Be Well,

Susie R.