3 years ago I went to my doc just as a check-up with blood work and also something new I tried- a HAIR SAMPLE analysis.  Along with checking my mineral stat in my body a small chunk of hair taken from the back of my head checked for heavy metals in my body. These included Mercury, Aluminum, Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead, Nickel, and other metal poisons that flood the environment and invade our bodies.

Heavy metals are a little unknown source of toxin load in our bodies that most of us are unaware of.  They come from the environment, water, processed foods, EVERYDAY BEAUTY CARE PRODUCTS even mercury fillings.   They build up overtime and are very HARD to detox out of your body.  An overload in the body or in some people even small exposure can cause or contribute to a ton of health problems including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other brain and neurological disorders.

When I received my test results back I was SHOCKED to find the aluminum level in my body was WAAAAAY over the average and on the higher end.  When I talked with My doc (who is a functional medicine doctor) that I was truly living a healthy lifestyle already he suggested I look into my beauty products and make the switch to something more natural.

 Looking into things I have come to find out Cosmetics and personal care products are LOADED with chemicals and heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, zinc, chromium and iron. and … WHAT GOES ON YOUR BODY GOES IN YOUR BODY. Day after day using these products is NOT GOOD…and can contribute to health problems.  I am like most gals out there and was using fun makeup, lotions and potions everyday! But these results kinda scared me!

For these reasons and it took some time (I am a self professed makeup and mascara lover!!)  but I have made the switch to a 99.9% all natural organic beauty regime.

Below is my full toxin free beauty product line I’m using today! I switched over mostly all my products to good clean organic brands.  Even switching out 1 or some can make a difference!

  • Dr. Bronner toothpaste, lotion, and shave cream, (not pictured is bar soap I use to)IMG_6990-e1479493520885-768x1024 My ALL NATURAL beauty regime broken down!

Life Flo 100% pure Coconut oil spray with Young Living frankincense oil – I spray a few sprays of oil on my hand with a drop of frankincense oil as a day/night moisturizer.IMG_6980-e1479493717324-768x1024 My ALL NATURAL beauty regime broken down!

Primal pit paste- I sweat like crazy and this stuff works!! I prefer the lavender scent and this brand contains NO Aluminum!IMG_6979-e1479493874643-768x1024 My ALL NATURAL beauty regime broken down!

Oil perfume- I love the scents Vanilla by Simplers Botanicals and Transform by Moss Botanicals.IMG_6989-e1479494004179-768x1024 My ALL NATURAL beauty regime broken down!

Mineral face powder by Mineral Fusion and organic eye shadow made by Eve’s OrganicsIMG_6991-e1479494078110-768x1024 My ALL NATURAL beauty regime broken down!

Beauty counter mascara and bronzer (love love love this line!!!)IMG_6981-e1479494175126-768x1024 My ALL NATURAL beauty regime broken down!

Piggy Paint chemical free Nail polish IMG_6983-e1479494296728-768x1024 My ALL NATURAL beauty regime broken down!

Hair shampoo/conditioner by Andalou Naturals (smells great!)IMG_6977-e1479494391983-768x1024 My ALL NATURAL beauty regime broken down!

Jojoba oil – I like to use this in my hair to add in shine and moisture.IMG_6984-e1479494448672-768x1024 My ALL NATURAL beauty regime broken down!

You can find all of these online or at  Better Health or Whole foods stores and also many more options!  

I’m not gonna lie you WILL have to pay more for quality instead of the cheap stuff but I truly see it as an investment in long term health!

Be Well,:)

Susie R.