Supplement recommendations are ALL OVER THE PLACE right now and it can be very confusing. I’ll admit I have a cupboard FULL of supplements that vary depending on my current health status, seasons, and how I feel day to day.

Including supplements into my daily healthy living protocol has made a profound impact on my overall wellness!

Health is HIGHLY INDIVIDUALIZED so be wise and do proper research with what you are taking in supplement form. Through blood work, hair sample analysis, and muscle testing done with a specialized functional medicine doc you can find many answers to the areas of your personal health you may need to supplement in.

As always Food Is Medicine so the vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients you can get in your daily diet from food sources will always first and foremost be the BEST sources. Unfortunately our soil today is contaminated with pesticides and produce is lacking. Factory farmed mass produced meat is another problem. Depending on where you live certain fresh foods may be hard to obtain. This would certainly warrant finding good whole foods based multivitamin to fill in the missing gaps in your diet along with specific supplements tailored to your individual needs.

My #1 supplement I recommend for everyone children and adults (except the rare people who are allergic to seafood) is RAW cod liver oil.

child-take-clo-from-spoon-300x200 My #1 Supplement

Cod liver oil contains both vitamins A and D which are critical for immunity. Most of us are low in these vitamins, as most of us don’t get enough sunlight, nor do we eat a lot of the foods that contain these nutrients, such as wild seafood, fish eggs, liver and other organ meats and egg yolks.

The high levels of fat soluble vitamins A, D, and K found in Cod Liver Oil are super important for a child’s immune system and overall vitality.  It’s also been found that fat soluble vitamins help us absorb the minerals from our diet more effectively. CLO also contains omega 3’s and fatty acids like EPA and DHA. These are essential for a child’s brain development, intelligence, and vision and to fight inflammation. Most childrens brains today are starved for EFA’s (essential fatty acids.)  Boys have 3x more the need of EFA’s than girls. Our modern diets are deficient in good fats. Sixty percent of our brains are made of fat. WE need healthy fats for our brains to function properly.

You can take cod liver oil in capsule form or liquid. In our house we take it right off the spoon and chase it after with a bit of kombucha or juice. Its just part of our nightly routine! The brand I recommend is ROSITA RAW COD LIVER OIL found here. 

Be Well!

Susie R. 🙂

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