little-girl-dancing-and-listening-to-music-1024x682 Music and Movement; a Powerful Duo for Healing

The Health Benefits of Music and Movement together are compelling!

Both music and movement when used consistently together are POWERFUL tools for spiritual growth and healing.  The problem we face as humans is that we sit in our minds with our troubles.  We replay these offenses that have hurt us over and over but never release them away for good. The past with mistakes we have made along the way get stuck and triggered again and again.  If your tired of this relentless fight in your mind than LET IT GO! This is where music and movement can help!

Music makes you think and feel right?  Music has the ability to change our moods instantly.  Just think of that sad scene in a movie and then a song comes on to top it off and the tears start flowing.  Or think of the last wedding you were at and the band starting playing those dancin tunes that got you instantly up off your feet.

Music has the ability to help you tap into emotions. It can energize, sadden, excite, and relax you! Music can also help you visualize and focus on your hopes and dreams.

Our bodies are meant to MOVE.  We are sitting WAAAAYY to much !!!! I believe MOVEMENT is a natural antidepressant you have within you.  Studies show just a 5 minute walk can change your mood.  Exercise has been a tool I have used for a long time to work things out within myself.  When you combine music and movement you have the perfect combo for self expression. It’s hard to explain but it just happens ! I think those who have made fitness a way of life know this and feel it to!

From the age of 5 when I was put into ballet class I realized how amazing it was to move my body to music.  When movement and music are applied together they expand the range of expressive possibilities within you.  You are able to think and feel more clearer.

Studies show music and rhythmic movement are a natural and important part of young children’s growth and development. Successful experiences help all children bond emotionally and intellectually with others through creative expression.

As adults we can use music and movement as a tool for mental health and healing.  This is another benefit of finding an exercise program you really enjoy.  Look beyond just getting fit and find a deeper connection. Choose your music wisely! Listen to tunes that are positive, uplifting, and motivating!   Music and movement together can help with social skills, expressing emotions, refining listening skills, creativity/imagination and body awareness.

So what are you waiting for? Make a great play list, turn it up and starting dancing!!!!

Be Well! 🙂

Susie R.

p.s. Did you catch me on the Form First podcast?  I talk about the importance of exercise and a mind/body connection.

logo_sm Music and Movement; a Powerful Duo for Healing