The problem with today’s modern wheat is that Americans are over-consuming this food not only in bread but disguised in hundreds of “food-like” products.

Today’s wheat is NOT the wheat your grandma used and baked into bread. Today’s “Franken-Wheat” is a scientifically engineered food product far from the heirloom wheat of decades ago.

Each American now consumes about 55 pounds of wheat flour every year and there are hidden components of this “new-age” wheat that drive weight gain and disease.

Today’s modern wheat contains

  • Super starch – amylopectin A that is super fattening,
  • Super gluten- drives inflammation
  • Super – addictive elements that makes you crave and eat more.

So what are we to do? There are many ways to get around today’s modern Franken wheat in our diets but we just need to be aware and make the effort. Here are a few of my favorite ways to go low carb and opt out of eating wheat …

  •  Try large romaine lettuce leaves to hold sandwich contents together
  • Choose oats instead of wheat cereals
  • Try kale chips (baked kale leaves) to replace crackers
  • Bake with almond or coconut flour
  • Try gluten free grains instead like quinoa or rice
  • For pasta or when craving a spaghetti dinner I use mung bean noodles or spaghetti squash, completely grain free!

IMG_1197-e1370911713564 Is Wheat Good or Bad?


Final notes….. wheat and most of today’s processed grains are an easy, cheap source of carbohydrates that we don’t need in our diet to survive. They contain “anti-nutrients” (phytic acid), proteins and lectins that can impair digestion, perforate the intestinal lining, and increase inflammation in the body.

NutritionPage-150x150 Is Wheat Good or Bad?Getting fiber from fruits and vegetables is a much better way than grains. Our gut bacteria can actually digest the fiber from fruits and veggies where grain fiber just serves as a bulking agent.

The minerals in grains are not really even that bioavailable to your body because they are bound up to phytic acid. What you see on the nutritional facts is NOT what you are actually absorbing and assimilating.

If you have been stuck in a weight loss rut or facing annoying chronic ailments and digestive problems ditching inflammatory wheat may just be what you need start seeing the results you want and feeling better! 

Take care of YOU!

Susie R. 🙂