I am assuming most of us like Mexican food. Right?!  If you have kids or even if you don’t taco night is a quick, easy homemade meal to get together and bonus most kids like it!  Unfortunately many of the popular brand kits, sauces, spices, shells, dips, even meats and cheeses found at most large chain grocery stores are NOT HEALTHY.

Not only are they filled with genetically modified ingredients but also laden with trans fats, sodium, msg, and many other nasty preservatives. Just look at the ingredient list on any and all of these popular products.  This actually turns what could be a healthy nutritious meal into a complete junk meal. So skip the pre-made stuff and bump up taco night with my simple tips.

Here is what I do in our home to make taco night a healthy, nutritious, nutrient dense meal that’s good and filling for everyone!


  1. I use organic grass fed beef and sneak in grass fed beef livers.  LIVER?? WHAT!!!!!!! WHY? you may be thinking.  Pastured liver gram for gram is one of the most nutrient dense foods humans can eat. Liver is high in B vitamins, contains a highly usable form of iron, has natures most concentrated source of vitamin A, is our best source of copper and other trace elements such as zinc and chromium, is abundant in CoQ10 which is a nutrient that is especially important for cardio-vascular function. Its Natures Multivitamin!  Plus its really the only way I can get my family to eat it!

    IMG_4012-225x300 How to make "taco night" dinners Super Healthy!

    Cook up grass fed beef with grass fed livers and no one will ever know!

  2. I make my own taco spice using cumin, turmeric, chili powder, and REAL salt.

    IMG_2822-225x300 How to make "taco night" dinners Super Healthy!

    Homemade taco spice is best, skip the pre-made packets

  3. I Use RAW cheddar cheese and shred it myself, it only takes about 2 minutes!  Most non organic bagged shredded cheeses contain natamycin a anti-fungal preservative that I don’t want to be eating.

    IMG_4013-225x300 How to make "taco night" dinners Super Healthy!

    Grass fed raw sharp cheddar is a favorite with my kids and I don’t mind them scooping up heaps on their tacos!

  4. I buy organic sprouted non-gmo corn chips (The brand is called Way Better snacks) and sprouted grain tortilla’s vs. conventional chips and processed soft shell taco’s.

    IMG_4017-225x300 How to make "taco night" dinners Super Healthy!

    If you are going to use a shell choose gluten free or these sprouted tortillas

  5. We add in super healthy “extras” to our taco’s and taco salads such as fresh avocado, raw sauerkraut, organic black beans, and baby kale.   This significantly bumps up the amount of healthy fats, friendly probiotics, and complex carbohydrates creating a much more nutrient dense meal!
    IMG_4015-225x300 How to make "taco night" dinners Super Healthy!

    avocado with lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt

    IMG_4016-225x300 How to make "taco night" dinners Super Healthy!

    Bubbies raw kraut is full of healthy probiotics and gives your taco a kick!











Don’t forget these healthy tips next time you have taco night in your house! Enjoy!

Be well 🙂

Susie R.