middle-age-woman-300x195 How To Maintain a Healthy Weight As We Age

The first approach to the question “how do I maintain a healthy weight as I age?” is to remember that age is just a number.   I know we hear it all the time but really and truly just because you are 40, 50, 60, or 70 does not mean your health starts to go down the drain.  I can’t tell you how many times I hear people make the comments regarding their sight, knee pain, or hand pain all in the name of “this is what happens when you get older” comment.   If you have that attitude for sure its what will happen!

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way! Just because you are approaching midlife you don’t have to throw in the towel and say there is no hope.  You CAN maintain fantastic health and a lean strong healthy body throughout your life no matter what age! Just look at these people HERE and HERE! Its NOT impossible for anyone. Actually its just as POSSIBLE for you as for them!!

With that said the big question is HOW? How do I reverse the aches and pains, the 10+ pounds that won’t come off, and the constant low energy and cravings?? Its the same way as always.  DIET and EXERCISE plus a few minor things to pay attention to also.

Lets first address the “aches and pains”.  Chronic pain is triggered by system inflammation.  Systemic inflammation can be significantly minimized when you remove sugar, grains and dairy from your diet.  Many people feel instant relieve after a week of removing grains from their diet.  Adding in daily supplements like collagen and healthy fats can be beneficial. Other than dietary factors, simple, chronic inactivity is the major causative factor in the development of stiff, creaky joints. Dietary changes along with daily exercise CAN and WILL improve nagging pains throughout the body.  **Many studies show that seniors can still gain lean mass through resistance training**

REMEMBER: The HUMAN body WANTS TO BE WELL! It will do everything and anything naturally when provided the right tools to get to this homeostasis .  The problem is we often put a band-aid (medication) over the problem and never get to the root cause which is healing from within.

As far as weight as we age its really still a matter of diet and daily exercise, there are no magic pills!  Nutritional factors certainly play a role in weight maintenance, hormonal balance, and bone density.  Every age and stage of life needs a certain diet and caloric intake to thrive.  You have to find what works!  I almost always recommend to every one that you need to EAT LESS and higher quality foods within 3 MEALS A DAY.  Eat Primal which means basically eat REAL food and stay away from sugar, processed foods, anything low-fat, grains, and alcohol.  Make sure you drink enough water daily, get good sleep, de-stress, and exercise daily with these TIPS.  Maintaining a healthy weight will be much easier if you can start there!!  

As we age we also need to put some focus on maintaining bone mineral density to prevent brittle bones.  Make sure you are having adequate amounts of vitamin D, vitamin K2, calcium, and magnesium in your diet or supplement form.

Ladies HORMONE health is worth looking into.   Bioidentical hormones can be very beneficial for women who have had hysterectomies but for others over time they can desensitize our body form its own hormones, causing long term consequences.  Like many drug cocktails, bioidenticals can make people feel good.  But their benefits can be short term and there are risks.  Estrogen can increase thyroid cancer risk and excess progesterone can lead to stubborn fat growth. Be careful and choose wisely!  Balancing hormones can be tricky but proper hormone function is not always about raising one specific hormone but rather how balanced and sensitive your hormones are in your body. Looking into NATURAL options is a great idea! 

Bottom Line:

Physical aging occurs as more and more cells reach the end of their telomeres and die.  As the process accelerates, your muscles get weaker, wrinkles appear and eyesight fades.. Eventually the organs begin to fail and death occurs. Thats the nature of life.  You cannot avoid your telomeres becoming shorter as time goes by. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT YOUR HABITS AND LIFESTYLE CAN DRAMATICALLY INFLUENCE THE SPEED AT WHICH IT OCCURS!   A healthy clean diet and exercise are more important now than EVER to age gracefully and with joy and continuing zest for life!

Remember life is and can be GOOD and any age or stage!

BE Well! 🙂

Susie R.