When something makes you feel great, look great and feel better about yourself you should keep doing it right?  YES, YES, YES!! The habits you have that emphasize SELF DISCIPLINE and ultimately SELF CONTROL are SMART and when you find them make them part of your daily routine.

Healthy habits can help you find contentment and gratitude in an otherwise material world full of empty enticements and desires that lead to nothing good.  Healthy habits will often lead you to deepen your Faith and ultimately seek God vs. putting hope into the ways of this world.

Here are a few things that make me feel awesome and I try to do them daily!


I do love to run for fun and get to a dance class but my workout of choice is Syphus Training for a reason.  ST is a kind of therapy for me. Due to its competitive intense nature I take my mind off of problems I may be facing that day and I am revived. Not only do I love the challenge but the workout makes me feel good and look good so this habit is here to stay!

Sleep By 10pm

Every night by 9pm I call it quits with any and all electronics. I usually hop in my favorite chair and read or chat with my hubby a bit to unwind.  By 10pm I am cozied up in bed and most nights asleep within 5 min! Sleep is my restoration. With 4 kids and an active lifestyle good quality sleep keeps me healthy, focused, and truly happy each day.  I am very disciplined when it comes to sleep and won’t budge on this one!

Primal / Paleo Diet

I have made it a lifestyle to eat clean everyday and figured out how to cook and grocery shop to support this lifestyle. I do this because it makes me feel good.  I have been on the yo-yo dieting train and it was difficult. It only made me feel worse about myself and NEVER got me any more healthy.  Now, I love fueling my body with nutrient dense foods! I don’t count calories I just eat REAL food! I feel connected to my body and appreciate all it can do.  Feeding it right is part of that. FOOD IS FUEL!

Bible Study

I have always had a bible but never opened it much.  It was not until about 5 years ago with encouragement from a friend that I decided to join a bible study group that taught me to READ the bible! I was so inspired that I made some goals to read certain areas and branch out from there. Now each morning my bible sits on my computer. It is my reminder that before I open up any email, social media to seek God’s word FIRST as guidance. My life perspective and direction have changed for the better because of this. I would NOT be where I am today without putting my trust into God’s WORD and WISDOM first and foremost!

Limiting CELL Phone Time

This one was tough but over time I have benefitted from it most.  As a blogger I have to be on social media to help promote my blogs.  I used to freely throughout the day scroll through to be sure I was not missing anything or anyone trying to reach me. It felt stressful to just keep up with the frenzy that is social media. I sort-of became a slave to my phone-checking and it was NOT serving me well. I realized I was actually letting my phone control me.

Also as a mom phones can become quite distracting to what is important. I did not want to be that mom who sat staring at a phone while I took my kids to the playground. So I came up with a solution! I give myself time frames to check in online and when that time is up I turn the phone off and put it away. Simple!  This has given me such a free feeling and has taken away that anxious feeling of missing something.  BONUS: I actually am much more productive online!


I took the lead on this one from my 10 year old who recently finished all of the Harry Potter series.  I watched her joy and excitement everyday as she would get through each book. It was so inspiring and I thought I need to find a book to escape into once in a while. I take the time now to read more fun books and not just my nutrition books. The latest being “You Will Know Me” by Meghan Abbot. Pretty good by the way if you like mystery!

Church on Sunday

Its busy around here with 4 kids. Sunday’s are no exception but we make it a purpose to go to church. I find in that hour I slow down and focus on the little things. It has made me realize God is ultimately good. Trials in life are what make us stronger and better. My faith is always there for me when others are not. I ALWAYS find a way when I give it to God. My hopes for my children are that they establish a solid moral compass, give and show kindness to others, and realize they are never alone in this world. Going to church as a family they hear and see the word of God in action and that is setting a firm foundation of faith, hope, and love in their hearts.

Diffuse Essential Oils Daily

I know this may sound silly but essential oils have the power to lift our mood and influence our health. Our sense of smell is very powerful. Just think of the memories that come when you smell a certain meal or a familiar perfume. Essential oils have endless healing properties. I diffuse EO in my home everyday to keep my mind energized and the air in my home clean and pure! My favorites at the moment are vanilla/orange, peppermint/lemon, valor/tangerine, pine, clove, and frankincense.

Do Small Acts with Great Love

Helping someone to transform their health is the greatest gift I can give.  I try to wake up every morning and make a difference in someones life. Sometimes its practicing patience with my kids when I’m truly being tested. Other days I get the time to give someone health advice OR cook a meal for a family member in need. Even just a simple compliment can go a long way! Its not saving the world but its little things that not only help others but make me feel really good!  Making a difference and being significant in someones else’s life is very satisfying.

Happiness comes when you find your passion and know your talent. These are the things that will give you the power to live your purpose, make a difference, and be significant in the lives of others.

Life is ultimately what YOU make of it and for me these healthy habits keeps me on top of my game so I can go on everyday with a clear mind, open heart, and giving spirit.

Be Well! 🙂

Susie R.