All 3 of my school aged kids came home last week and said they wanted to make glitter jars. I immediately heard “glitter” and I ruled this one out quick. I told them all that maybe we could get around to it over the weekend. They went on to say that the teachers had made these beautiful jars and they enjoyed looking at them on their desks.  They handed me a paper with the recipe and I realized this may be a great project after all!!

The purpose of the mindful jar is to help kids calm down when they are anxious.  Its a great way to help kids and adults “slow down” in general and be more mindful. You just shake it up and watch all the glitter slowly glide down the jar. The Calming Glitter Jar is a proven mindfulness tool and it can help to relax both kids and adults of all ages!

IMG_0196-2-1024x1024 Glitter/Mindfull/Calming Jars for the Whole Family!

Calming jars help kids

  • Learn focusing skills
  • Calm down
  • Pay attention to their senses
  • Helps them express their emotions

All in all its a WIN WIN project for mom and kids!!

Here is the recipe we used


32 oz MASON jar or similar size small glass jars you have around with tight filling lid

Hot water

3oz Glitter Glue (more for a slower moving effect)

2 to 3 tablespoons Glitter

Sequins (for contrast, optional)


Add 2 to 3 inches of hot water to the jar.

Add Glitter Glue, stir until melted. ( we used plastic knives for stirring)

Add Glitter, stir

Fill the jar with water, leaving 1/2 to 1 inch of space.

IMG_0185-2-e1509706286563-768x1024 Glitter/Mindfull/Calming Jars for the Whole Family!

All 4 of my kids sat at the table together making these for a good 30 minutes.  I made one to! It was a fun family activity with a great purpose. Now we have a bunch of these around the house and I have seen them already sitting down,calming down,and putting these to good use!

Be Well! 🙂

Susie R.

P.S. Did you know essential oils can help with calming, relaxation, and even sleep!! My favorites are lavender, and vetiver!

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