When I first started Syphus Training I was hooked! I was especially hooked on (obsessed with) getting to the top of the leaderboard with a high score. For those of you not familiar with Syphus Training basically you need to get through a certain amount of exercises/movements (tasks) in an certain order (circuits) and then you get a fitness score depending on where you end at the 60 min mark. I am competitive, hard working, and I believed I could do this. It was a fun challenge indeed and as I got better and stronger at Syphus I found myself landing at the top of the score board often.

I worked hard to maintain that top position often killing myself in the process (MAJOR Syphus hangover/exhaustion). Even after my 4th child was born with major lack of sleep the athlete in me was still determined to get back to the turf and start climbing up that leaderboard. I showed up week after week and made it happen. Back to the top! It felt good…. until it didn’t. 

It wasn’t making sense to me that something I was working so hard for (a high score) to the point of exhaustion could leave me feeling so empty at times. Those times were often when I didn’t score the way I hoped. I didn’t feel like I got credit for my work. I left the workout defeated and mad at myself. It wasn’t enough. At times I would want to go do the workout again that day but I was so worn out I never did. When I heard the pro’s talk about form first and not to worry so much about the score it made me frustrated. 

I don’t know exactly the day but I decided I was NOT going to focus so much on score anymore as they had suggested and see what would happen. I made it my intention to solely bring the best form I could to the turf everytime I was there. That decision literally was the most freeing yet powerful choice I made that completely changed my whole Syphus game.

I’ve changed things up majorly.  My pace is slower. I’m working out HARDER and I feel different…. but my scores are the LOWEST they have ever been.

I’ve fallen hard off the leaderboard but not on purpose, not by choice, it just happened to work out this way.

How is that possible if I’m working the hardest I ever have and I am trying harder than I ever have to get that perfect form?

Whats going on?

The simple answer is….

I’ve changed my approach, thats it. I am paying attention to detail more than ever and trying to do every single task to my max ability. I literally feel each and every task to its FULLEST and its been extremely challenging physically and mentally!

I think there is something more here at Syphus Training we need to all embrace instead of just a score.

Your workout is and can be so much more if you can learn to TAP IN. I know we hear this statement but what does it mean?  Personally I understand and connect with that statement more than ever now. This workout CAN bring out the best of your ability. This workout can provide you with amazing self reflection. But most important is the GROWTH and mental perseverance that occurs when you stick with your weaknesses, work harder, and then you get better.

When you choose FORM First over a certain score your tapping in. You just can FEEL it.

See this is what I uncovered about myself and my score when I really stopped to think about it. I was a score chaser for a long long time and its not necessarily a bad thing.  The numbers can provide a ton of beneficial feedback including fitness strengths and weaknesses on the turf (cardio, strength, pushing, pulling, carrying, jumping, throwing,and flexibility to name a few). There are other personal benefits that happen behind the scenes for me when I see my scores improving including confidence, believing in myself, conquering fears, pressing on despite struggle, endurance and grit.

But if your not careful the score and comparison can eat you alive. You can get caught up in it, let it control your every move, let it push you to the brink, let it ruin your day, let it feed your ego, let you feel like you are not good enough, even let you lose your best judgement in the competition. When and if this happens you might start to cut corners or get sloppy just to stay at the top.

Some may fight to the death no matter what it takes to get the high score even if that means cutting corners such as stopping before the line, rushing through tasks, favoring a strong side, miscounting reps or getting sloppy. This careless approach is exhausting and the reward is never fully rewarding in the end.  If you let the numbers rule your game you will often leave the workout feeling defeated and the score chasing can begin to have the opposite effect on you than what it was intended for.

The mountain can never be conquered this way….

syphustraining_logo-2-300x195 DETAILS Matter

When you choose FORM FIRST you feel “different”. You feel empowered. You Feel RIGHT. You feel STRONG. You don’t need a high score to prove anything because your pursuit is fueled by something else.

When you choose form first the score becomes irrelevant. You can’t compare your numbers to score chasers. It’s a completely different workout. It takes a complete different energy and mindset to solely focus on form. Its hard. Its really hard.

Even if your lucky to finish a workout you have to understand Syphus is never finished. The next workout may play on your weaknesses and your approach to scoring high won’t work. You can feel defeated or you can let it go and work to the best of your ability on that day.  You can never be at the top for too long. You can never be the best at Syphus nor should you strive for that.  Something or someone will always shake up your game. Each and every workout is unique to each individual. As you progress at Syphus Training you have to strive for something more than the score.

Trying to maintain a high score is surely motivating and can stir up hope which is simply a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. In fact I’m still chasing that high score but I’m chasing something even more now…FORM.

Even if you finish a workout ….. Syphus is always unfinished. This is the beauty of the beast.

The score is a growth TOOL to help you be the best you can with what YOU bring to the workout.

As you progress in your Syphus journey so must your character and intentions hence FORM FIRST. This is only going to help you become the best all around athlete and human you can be.

The hunger for the high score should gradually lead you to a crossroads. Do you continue in the fast lane and race to the top or embrace patience, humility, growth, and ultimately form first.

Its ok to want that high score and work for it but don’t let form get lost in the process.

Ask yourself each and every workout “Am I truly doing this to the best of my ability?” if you can honestly answer “yes” you are tapped in!

It’s freeing and it feels so good!

IMG_6796-800x1024 DETAILS Matter