If your ready to transform your health then focus on making the best possible choices you can daily following the PRIMAL food pyramid. 

In order to change your health this is an action item that you NEED to do. Start with eliminating standard American diet (SAD) foods and clean out your cupboards and fridge.

PB-Food-Pyramid-2016update-7-20 The Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid

.Next, focus on shopping, cooking and dining primally.

Other important action items include EXERCISE-move,lift,and sprint! The key is not focusing on just getting that crazy High intensity workout in every day – it’s more important to stand and move frequently throughout your day. Some examples of this would be to get a standing work desk, taking breaks often to stand or go for a brief walk, walking after dinner instead of sitting on the couch.

Lastly, slow life down. Take time to focus on self-care, relationships, sleeping habits, and overall stress reduction.

The aging process is accelerated by declining physical fitness, poor eating, lifestyle, and stress management habits. Following a primal lifestyle gives you youthful energy, and vitality to enjoy life and feel good everyday!

the-primal-food-pyramid-1024x1024 The Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid

.Be Well! 🙂

Susie R.

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