I work hard to keep my kids immune systems in tip top shape! Along with a REAL food mostly primal diet we add in specific supplements once the school year starts. I have to say between healthy eating, supplements, and essential oils I have been able to keep our house (most of the time) healthy and well even during the dreadful winter months in Michigan! Three out of four of my kids have NEVER even been on antibiotics!

happy-kids-300x201 Back to School and How to Keep Your Kids HEALTHY all Year!

Here is our Back to School Protocol to Keep Kids HEALTHY, HAPPY, and THRIVING!!

  • REAL Food! Yup its that simple! We avoid packaged and or any processed foods as much as possible and limit sugar.  Breakfast is full of fiber, protein and healthy fats.  Think eggs cooked in coconut oil, organic berries on the side, and wash it all down with a glass of kefir.  We keep meals centered around pastured meat and eggs,wild fish,organic veggies,fermented vegetables,fruit,nuts/seeds,raw full fat dairy, and healthy fats and oils such as coconut. I remind my kids that the food is fuel so we want to fuel our body and brains up optimally for school and sports! For my oldest daughter I try to teach her more in depth so she can make healthy food choices on her own!
  • MULTIVITAMIN.  Children should take a daily whole foods multivitamin to supplement their diets. Today’s produce even if organic is depleted of vitamins and minerals due to the lacking soil its grown in. The whole family can benefit from a good multivitamin!  Here is the brand we use.
  • PROBIOTIC. Keeping the gut microbe healthy not only keeps your immune system in tip top shape to deal with what’s going around but it also has an impact on mental health. More recent studies are showing a healthy thriving gut bacteria can help with anxiety, depression, and overall mood. My kids enjoy taking 1 tablespoon daily of Inner Eco coconut kefir water.
  • COD LIVER OIL.  The high levels of fat soluble vitamins A, D, and K are super important for a child’s immune system and overall vitality. It’s also been found that fat soluble vitamins help us absorb the minerals from our diet more effectively. CLO also contains omega 3’s and fatty acids like EPA and DHA. These are essential for a child’s brain development, intelligence, and vision. We use this brand  kids take it right off the spoon and chase it with water. They all say “YUCK” except for my 2 year old who asks for her oil and happily slurps it down! child-take-clo-from-spoon-300x200 Back to School and How to Keep Your Kids HEALTHY all Year!
  • ELDERBERRY SYRUP. This syrup is a highly effective preventative tool as it is loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin C and immune supporting minerals.  You can buy elderberry syrup at your local health food store or you can make your own with this recipe.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS.  By far one of my most effective mommy doctor tools! EO’s (YOUNG LIVING BRAND) have not only stopped croup in its tracks but also stopped the spread of the stomach flu. I diffuse thieves daily (thats a given in our house) but I also use Young Living kids line and diffuse in my kids rooms. There are many oils that can be diffused safely and applied topically when used appropriately. Note: NEVER APPLY OILS TO A CHILD UNDER 3 MONTHS OLD.  Visit my essential oils website page to learn more!

kidscents-300x230 Back to School and How to Keep Your Kids HEALTHY all Year!

So how do I get my kids to take these supplements?

After dinner is known as “oil and vitamin” time at our house. Its just routine now!   My oldest daughter helps out and gets spoons and waters lined up.  When they all do it together its much easier.  I just pour out the CLO on the spoon and hand it to them to take.  Same with the probiotic coconut kefir water (just a tablespoon) and the other vitamin.  Its routine and they know its keeping them healthy (they hate being sick!) so that helps!!

Back to school doesn’t have to mean back to the pediatrician every other month!  Use these tips to keep you kids feeling great all year long!!

Be Well 🙂

Susie R.