#1 Schedule in your workouts.

  • Plan on Sunday before the week starts and write on your calendar.
  • Tell your spouse or a friend your workout schedule (this holds you accountable) and support is always a good motivator.
  • Plan for babysitters.Rahaim-92-300x199 5 Tips For Fitting In Exercise Into Your Busy Life
  • If there is no babysitter plan to go for a jog while your child can nap in the stroller or plan to have a new craft ready for bigger kids and set them up near your space you will work out in.
  • If you have older kids and you get a decent night sleep then get up early at and workout before they get up and the day gets going.

Not having childcare should not stop you from getting a workout in.  If you need to, invest in a good baby carrier if you have a fussy baby.  You can still manage to workout while holding baby in carrier.  The reason I know is because I often did this with my youngest daughter! Try walking lunges, squats, pulsing squats, bicep curls with weight. No its not ideal and it may look funny but its just short term.  At least you are doing something and getting in the exercise!

#2      If you can, workout in the morning.  This is just sound advice because as the day gets going more excuses can begin and more things can come up.  I always try to get up, grap a cup of coffee and wake up for about 10-15 min and then I go.  Just GET.IT.DONE! After a while it just becomes your routine.

#3      Plan to workout 3-5 days a week.  This will usually equate to 2-3 weekdays and 1 or both weekend days.  I like to plan to workout most days of the week and then I usually get in at least 5 days.  Weekends I always plan to workout and have it set in my mind.  This usually means at least Saturday or Sunday I will work out.

women-stretching-arms-out-in-happiness-300x200 5 Tips For Fitting In Exercise Into Your Busy Life#4      Planning and visualizing are powerful tools!  Take 5 min every night and review in your mind yourself working out  Envision a strong healthy physique running down the road, now put your face on that body.  Thoughts become things!  Its true.  You attract what you think about.  Begin to see your body as changing.  Instead of saying “I’m fat” or “I’ll never lose this weight” say…. “my body is a work of art and I am changing by losing fat and gaining muscle.”   “I am beautifull”  These positive affirmations go a long way.  Pay attention to what you are inviting into your life.  Ask yourself “is what I’m about to say what I want to come into my life?”  Start calling yourself healthy, strong, and full of life!

#5      For an ultimate WEIGHT LOSS BOOST exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or something very light light ½ a banana.  This way you do not break your fast from the evening.  Your body will not have carb stores to draw from so instead it will get plenty of fuel from storred fat.

Don’t worry this type of training is called intermittent fasting where you exercise on a somewhat empty stomach to activate stored fat for fuel.  Fat is our 2nd back up fuel supply when carbs are not present.  This is a perfect mechanism our own body does on its own to burn fat.  Obviously an extreme athlete would not fare well with this type of approach as they need far more energy reserves of carbs and fats because most likely they will burn through both.  But for the average person this type of training can be beneficial for fat loss.

So get to it, make it a priority, and start your commitment to exercise TODAY !  🙂