Working out day to day takes a toll on the body.  There are numerous benefits of exercise but there is also a cost if you don’t take care of yourself.  Most common problems related to long term exercise or everyday high intensity exercise are injury, inflammation, and fatigue.

To combat these issues its important to eat a clean nutrient dense diet full of healthy whole foods.  Many don’t realize that intense exercise breaks down the body and depletes many nutrients.  Just through sweating alone LARGE amounts of minerals are lost. Replacing these lost minerals, especially the key electrolytes magnesium, potassium and sodium, during and after exercise is of supreme importance.

Recovery should be taken serious if you want to avoid problems down the line.

Along with a clean diet there are certain advantageous whole food supplements that can drastically improve recovery and possibly reverse chronic inflammation or even help an injury.

Try incorporating these powerful FOODS into your weekly workout regime to reap the benefits that many athletes have already discovered!

Kelp – sea vegetables like kelp are LOADED with minerals including trace minerals that replace electrolytes lost in sweat. Try mixing up a frozen kelp cube in your next post workout shake!

Desiccated (dehydrated) Liver – powder or pill form this supplement delivers the natural nutrient profile found in nutrient-dense beef liver.    Desiccated liver (from a bovine source) provides a rich, NATURALLY occurring source of B vitamins and amino acids which athletes and other active individuals use to support performance and recovery. BONUS-It also contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and copper.

Camu-Camu Powder – this superfood is literally one of the highest sources of vitamin C on the planet! The Vitamin C in camu camu helps reduce inflammation, combat fatigue, and protects the immune system. Vitamin C is important to prevent muscle cramping and reduce soreness.  Mix up 1 teaspoon in a little water and you have a post workout superfood shot !

Bee Pollen – these potent little pellets contain significant amounts of potassium and magnesium.  Furthermore bee pollen is 25% protein!  It also happens to have a very high anti-oxidant levels. Antioxidants protect muscles from the oxidation that occurs with intense training.

Maca – This whole food powder contains 20 amino acids in just one tablespoon. Maca provides a long, lasting stream of energy and it also reduces stress, inflammation, muscle cramps, and physical exhaustion.

Beet juice – Beets contain an essential compound that promotes oxygen pathways & blood flow.  Beets promotes healthy circulation & an overall healthy cardiovascular system.  A strong cardiovascular system is more capable of transporting oxygen, circulating blood, and expending energy more efficiently; helping to support endurance and performance.

Just remember…..A Healthy Athlete is a Better Athlete!!! 

Be well, 🙂

Susie R. 🙂

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