IMG_0918-300x300 What is a Syphus Workout?

What is a Syphus workout? 

It is NOTHING that you have ever experienced at any other gym or workout class I can GUARANTEE that!

Syphus is the one true sport of exercise! The workout is a unique blend of body weight exercises known as “tasks” to find out how your fitness level ranks among others.  You can track your progress with comprehensive statistics and use those numbers for competition.

Syphus Training combines a unique element of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), friendly competition and a workout scoring system that you CAN’T get anywhere else.

Though its hard to sum up all the amazing benefits and gains I have experienced doing this workout here are a few to get you pumped!

5 Top Benefits of a Syphus Workout

You Will Get Shredded!

The combination of tasks is a FULL body workout each and every time you hit the turf without even realizing it! The unique mix of exercises including squats, lunges, running, walking, crawling, jumping, and pushing/pulling a weighted plate is where the magic lies! Its not hard to spot the “Syphus” arms around town! This workout in combination with a clean primal diet and BOOM you have the PERFECT RECIPE to get in killer shape!

You Will Gain All Over Muscle Tone!

At Syphus training there is no “leg” day or “arm” day.  The workouts everyday are designed with the perfect mix and balance for your body as a whole.  The “tasks” requires focus and engagement of many muscles to ensure proper form hence the emphasis on Form First! Many muscles are getting worked which will result in a more evenly distributed physique.

You Will Gain Strength!

Physical AND mental strength are thy fruits of your labor at Syphus!  Those who are committed to the workout can attest to this!   Syphus workouts are perfect for adding strength without adding bulk!  The unique combo of tasks in every workout will create a phenomenal amount of strength and muscle development in the entire body because it requires numerous muscles groups.  Mentally you gain strength and grit due to the mental focus to perform these tasks FORM FIRST and push through each circuit.

You Will Become a Well Rounded Athlete!

Syphus provides support for other sports and fitness goals. The National Academy of Sports Medicine shares that resistance training, in this case using your own body weight, can improve running economy without added bulk, an important component for endurance athletes such as Ironman athletes and ultra trail runners. Youth sports teams to professional athletes have found the benefits of adding Sypus to their training programs.

You Are Your Biggest Competition!

 Syphus never gets easier. The “better” you get at Syphus, the more you have to do and in less time. Keeping up with yourself – or with your form – is always an ongoing battle.  One thing is for sure, you will know you have accomplished something GREAT each and every workout.

There is something  more within a Syphus workout but you have to experience it for yourself.  It is deep,powerful and truly unique and that keeps people coming back week after week. 


See you on the Turf!

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