By now if you have been following me and reading my blogs you know that I am not a big fan of really any grains.  People love to debate me on this but I am just not going to budge! Pretty much 99.9% of today’s grains are over-processed and hardly at all what maybe our grandma’s used to make breads or baked goods from.

bad-white-bread-300x199 10 REASONS TO QUIT EATING GRAINS

Today’s commercial grains used in packaged breads, crackers, cookies, bars, cereal, pasta and bagels are GM (genetically modified) , contaminated, stripped of any and all nutrients, and just BAD NEWS.  Big biz and the demand for easy convenient packaged foods ruined what was once  actually an ok decent food if prepared properly.

Even if you may not notice any intolerance right away when you eat these products they are still very damaging to our bodies.  Decide for yourself but there is no better time than NOW to eliminate grains from your diet.


1. Grains are an easy, cheap source of carbohydrates that we don’t need in our diet to survive.  They contain “anti-nutrients” (phytic acid), proteins and lectins that can impair digestion, perforate the intestinal lining, and increase inflammation in the body.

2. Getting fiber from fruits and vegetables is a much better way than grains.  Our gut bacteria can actually digest the fiber from fruits and veggies where grain fiber just serves as a bulking agent.

3. The minerals in grains are not really even that bioavailable to your body because they are bound up to phytic acid.  What you see on the nutritional facts is NOT what you are actually absorbing and assimilating.

4. A diet heavy in grain carbohydrates especially WHEAT causes inflammation leading to eczema and other chronic skin break-outs and problems.  If you or your child suffers from eczema or skin ailments the best three steps to do are to 1.Remove all grain from the diet 2.Take a good quality probiotic and 3.Take a good quality cod liver oil.  These 3 steps will significantly improve skin and flare-ups.

5. Most of today’s grain carbs are wrapped up in packaged breads, “whole grain” crackers, bagels, pasta’s etc.  These products when consumed drive insulin which then drives fat storage.  Americans consume WAY to much grain carbs and our bodies simply can’t handle the insulin load.  Insulin production is an important process for storing nutrients but unfortunately gets out of whack with a diet high in grain carbs and in some cases (diabetes) stops working properly all together.

6. Eating grains depletes nutrients in the body such as calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc. Grains contain Phytic Acid, a mineral blocker found in the bran.  That is why back in the day before processed foods came along our ancient ancestors used to soak grains before consuming them.  Soaking or sprouting grains removes most of this harmful phytic acid.  But really, who is soaking their grains these days before they make homemade bread??  So basically most all Americans on a high grain diet are extremely mineral deficient.  Stop the calcium supplements and instead quit the grains!

7. Eliminating grains from the diet can significantly improve arthritis and chronic pain due to reducing high levels of inflammation throughout the body. On a personal note in my 20’s I was suffering from extreme chronic neck pain, back pain, and achiness all over.  I was told by a Rheumatologist I had early on-set arthritis and the only advice offered was a monthly injection I could take to help manage the flare ups.  With that medication came about 100 other side effects. NO THANK YOU! (I choose to forget that and take charge of my own health.) After ALOT of research I took all grains out of my diet and what do you know, today I am pain and “arthritis” free! I am a strong healthy athlete involved in vigorous daily workouts and competitions.

8. Our Hunter and Gatherer ancestors derived most of their calories from about 100-200 different species of wild animals, fruits and vegetables. As we began to abandon this typical hunter-gatherer lifestyle with its dependence on wild meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts and we took up the now modern American diet the consequences were EVIDENT!  We began to see the appearance of diseases of sedentary and agricultural populations such as cardiovascular disease, cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, and bone diseases.

9. Studies show low Grain and low Carbohydrate Diets Treat Hypoglycemia, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and Nearly ALL Chronic Illness.

10. Most all people who reduce or eliminate grains from their diet WILL lose weight.  Simply because when you remove grains you begin to eat more REAL foods such as fruits, veggies, meats, nuts, etc.. When you do this you begin to become a fat burner instead of a constant carb burner.  Your body can tap into fat stores and use those as fuel.  Pretty awesome! This is truly the way our bodies prefer to run!

When you eliminate grains you will eat more fruits, veggies, nuts, healthy fats, and clean protein.  A  REAL food primal diet is the way to ultimate health and wellness!

Be Well! 🙂

Susie R.