Time is running out! Are you still searching for that perfect gift? Here are some great “healthy” gift ideas for those health-nuts in your family or really anyone on your list!   I know I would enjoy any or all of these myself!

 Door to Door Organics Gift Card

Give the gift of healthy organic food!  This gift is perfect for the busy mom/dad, single brother/sister, elderly grandparent, friends, family etc…Door to Door organics is an organic food delivery service that comes weekly to your home.  You pick the size box of organic local produce you would like (small, medium, large) depending on how much you would need weekly.  I have been using this company for over 2 years and I have to say I look forward to seeing the box on my porch each week!  www.doortodoororganics.com

 REAL Health Magazine Subscription and Good Reads

Skip the trendy diet magazines and set up a year subscription to have access to fresh, pertinent health info and topics.  My favorites being Experience Life and Nutrition Action!  Or pick up a few great books on primal and paleo living and getting back to a traditional healing whole foods diet.

 Count Me Healthy Bracelet

Perfect for the health obsessed fashionista in your family or anyone looking to reach health goals easier!  These bracelets are glamourous and practical.   The beads on the bracelets not only are beautiful but move easily from one side of the bracelet to the other. Use them to count your daily health goals such as cups of H2O , workouts, healthy food choices,  etc…the list is endless.  I love the original rose gold and sexy stack, so pretty!

 Gym Membership/classes, Personal Training Sessions, or Yoga/Pilates Class

For any and all of your loved ones these make great gifts that keep on giving the whole year through!

Wave Shield EMF Blocker for Cell Phones or Cordless Phones

The WaveShield was developed in response to the growing concern about cell phone radiation by  founder Shelly Kalnitsky.  This cellphone radiation protection shield is super small and sticks right on the ear area of your phone.  The Wave Shield Gold blocks up to 99% of radiation, more than any other shield!  Slip this cool tool into the stocking of any chatty Cathy’s you know on their cells all day!

Health Store Gift Card

We all know organic food is not cheap and vitamins and supplements often come with a hefty price tag.  Give this gift to the super health conscious person on your list!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I put this on the list because last year we received one as a gift and I LOVE it!  First because it gives off the most enjoyable glow and second it helps reduce indoor air pollutants and electronic emissions in areas in your home.  A heated himalayan salt lamp in your home attracts humidity, removes excess moisture from the air, helps neutralize the electromagnetic emissions in the air, reduces allergens, and creates a very soothing effect from the glow of the salt crystals.  I wish I had one for every room!

Non toxic skin care

If you have not heard by now what we put on our skin absorbs directly into our bodies.  Have you taken a look lately at your favorite face creams ingredient list?  YIKES!!!  Rule of thumb, if you can’t eat it then don’t put it on your skin.  Seriously!  You could be eating a super healthy diet and still have a heavy toxic overload in your body due to all the skin and body care products and perfume/cologne you wear daily.  These products often contain pythalates,petrochemicals,formaldehyde,and synthetic dyes just to name a few.  Avoid these all together and try my favorite, Beyond Organic’s non- toxic all organic skin care line and Dr. Mercola’s skin care products.

Essential Oils Starter Kit

Most essential oils have antibacterial qualities and other healing effects depending on the oil, such as stimulation, relaxation,skin conditions,minor ailments, pain relief and healing. The most common ways to use essential oils include aromatherapy,massage, adding to bathwater,using in a warm compress,and burning them in a diffuser.  I found this amazing kit that has a few “starter” oils in a great gift set.

Homeopathic Home Remedies Kit

These KITS are great for new moms and dads wanting to give their little one only the purest most natural care to treat minor ailments and avoid over the counter meds with scary side effects.  Many minor ailments can be treated naturally and effectively with homeopathic remedies.  These are proven safe and have been used for centuries! To learn more about homeopathy watch here!

This Christmas stop searching high and low for that perfect gift.  Give the gifts of natural health to your loved ones and they will thank you for years to come! Click on the provided links to view and order!

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