After I saw secret undercover video footage of the horror’s of factory farms right here in the U.S. and whats REALLY going on in meat production I felt a moral obligation to share the information with you the consumer.  You can READ MORE HERE in depth on this topic.

I do believe it is in the best interest of all of us to avoid confined conventionally raised factory animals as they are hurting our health, the environment, and the animals themselves. But that does not mean we need to stop eating meat all together!

Instead we need to support and purchase our meat from farmers who are raising animals right! These farmers care for the animal and allow it to eat and thrive in its natural environment.These animals are raised as God intended.

So what do I look for and ask for when purchasing meat?


  1. Buy meat from a local food co-op, farm delivery, farmers market, or even online now you can find meats raised humanely by small farmers. They ship it right to your door frozen packed in dry ice. I know its not convenient and frankly its annoying to not be able to just go to the grocery and grab meat but until we demand better things won’t change. On my website I offer resources of where you can find good clean pastured meat.
  2. When you do find a good meat source buy in bulk and freeze. When we go up north we hit up 2-3 local farms on the way and fill our cooler full of pasture raised meats.
  3. The meat label should read GRASS-FED and GRASS FINISHED beef or PASTURED chicken / turkey  or WILD fish! Conventional meat companies are catching on to the grass fed demand and because of USDA loopholes can label their meat grass fed even though for the last 30 days the animal was sent to a factory farm to get fattened up. Technically it was grass fed but not grass finished, instead finished on corn and gmo soy. So READ LABELS. pastured-chicken-768x1024 What To LOOK and ASK For When Purchasing MEAT!
  4. You should be able to trace the meat you buy back to the farm it came from. Read up on that farm and see what they are all about and their philosophy for raising animals.

We need to be concerned for the welfare of these animals. Also we need to be aware that eating the meat from these factory-farmed animals is really bad for our overall health and leading to many chronic health problems. If you are going to eat meat start thinking about choosing Organic pasture raised! You are what you eat eats! 

Be Well 🙂

Susie R.