If you have been following me now for a while you know I LOVE and am obsessed with a HIIT primal workout called Syphus Training!  From NHL players to Nicole Wilkins (Three-time IFBB Figure Olympia champion) people are flocking to try out this new unique one-of-a-kind Workout and dare I say lifestyle (for some)! 

So what makes Syphus so different from any other workouts I have tried including Crossfit? That you will have to come in and see for yourself !

WATCH HERE and HERE to get an idea!

What I can say is there is something powerful and truly unique about this workout and that is why I keep coming back week after week for more…..I often think its the Primal movements that tap into a way and pace of exercise we are meant to do.  MY BODY “GET’S IT” AND DOESN’T FIGHT IT.   The unique scoring and statistics that keep track of every circuit you do also helps keep motivation strong for each and every workout.  And people are getting ripped, seriously! The transformations I have seen in the 1 year I have been doing this are truly amazing!

SyphusTraining Random Thoughts of Syphus....You know you are curious!I‘m telling you this place is changing bodies and minds! Its known around town as the Hardest Workout and it truly is mentally and physically!  But you ask “why would any sane person want to put themselves through such a grueling workout?” Or I often hear “people throw up in the parking lot at that place after the workout, its so tough!”  This talk is just that…ALL TALK!

This workout is for everyone with some exceptions! You must have drive, perseverance, dedication, be willing to take helpful guidance, work hard and believe in yourself.  Without this I am not sure you will make it through! This along with all fitness levels, ages, and all shapes and sizes are welcome! You tailor the circuit to work for you and go at your own pace.  So what are you waiting for? If you are in the area, TRY IT!, GET HERE!

 I have put together my 5 favorite things about the Syphus workout and why I keep coming back for more week after week!  I know my fellow junkies can relate!

5.  The drive…

The drive to Syphus each and every time goes something like this……..

  • Do I have my water and a towel for sweat wiping? check.
  • Find a killer song to rock out to on the radio and put it up super loud to get pumped. check
  • Some deep breathing to calm the nerves (well at least during March Madness!). check
  • The wonder/the suspense of what will the circuit be today? will the turf be sticky? will I get there in time?
  • Will I be a leech or a rabbit?  (will I be chasing or leading my other fellow junkies through the tasks)

4. The 10 second countdown…..

Syphus junkies feel the adrenaline pumping the second that clock counts down from ten….we all line up on the line, energy pumping, we tell ourselves this is it , I can do this, we know what lies ahead but we are ready as we will ever be, there is NO turning back now….and beep…..We take to the turf……

3. The Halfway point…..(30 min into the workout)

I have established my pace , I’m moving fast but focusing on form, I won’t stop, I can’t stop…Oh my gosh its already the halfway point! (a great feeling you are almost there.)  I keep up the positive reinforcement in my head.  Reminding myself I have done it before I can do it again today but BETTER, STRONGER. I won’t give up!  I WILL power through.  I look around and see everyone working their asses off as I am.  We are all in this together!

2. The junkies and the tasks!!…

Syphus junkies are one of a kind! These people want and crave it as I do! I get them and they get me. We share our stories of favorite tasks and circuits, struggles, compete, but in the end we know we have accomplished something great each and every workout.

*TASKS* Once you get the tasks down you can move and groove your way through the circuits.  These primal movements are challenging and fun! You are always trying to improve form and keep a good pace.

1. Done!….

It is one hell of a feeling when you finish a Syphus training workout.  You review the board , you see all you have done, you beat the clock! There is nothing like this feeling (well ok maybe somethings but you get my point)  You feel strong, powerful, healthy, and at the same time wiped out, tired and exhausted  but ready to take on the day in a whole new way.

Its great fun at the end of the day to pull up the scores and see how you did.  Did you score as you thought you would? Did you meet a new goal?  Who else is climbing the ladder?  What can or will you do better next time? etc etc…

And then you come back for more the next day – that my friends is Syphus Training in a nutshell (well at least for me!)

For more information visit www.syphustraining.com