I am so excited that through this chaotic last 5 months I have really bumped up my homesteading skills! I’m sure many of you can relate being stuck at home so much!

I am striving to take a more thoughtful approach to our daily living with less waste and excess. In other words SIMPLIFY!

I believe with simplicity comes happier, healthier, and more holistic ways to create a more effective way of living.  

I’ve started to grow much more in our outdoor veggie garden but also started growing herbs, greens, and micro greens indoors.

Microgreens are a great idea to have on hand if there is ever a time you don’t have access to produce. You can trust the mighty micro green to keep you and your family nourished!

So what are microgreens? 

Lets first discuss what they are not!

They are not sprouts.

Micro greens are essentially very small edible plants (like lettuce, radishes, beets, watercress, spinach, herbs, and greens) that are harvested when they are very young instead of being allowed to grow to full size.

They can be grown indoors or outdoors.

An NPR report stated

Researchers looked at four groups of vitamins and other phytochemicals – including vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene — in 25 varieties of microgreens. They found that leaves from almost all of the microgreens had four to six times more nutrients than the mature leaves of the same plant. But there was variation among them – red cabbage was highest in vitamin C, for instance, while the green daikon radish microgreens had the most vitamin E.

This HAMAMA MICROGREENS HOME GROWING KIT is my favorite! I have a few trays lined up on my kitchen counter.

There are a ton of varieties to pick from. Even if you don’t have a green thumb its the EASIEST kit ever, just add water and in 10 days you’ll have micro greens!!!

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IMG_1005-scaled-e1598440814542-225x300 Grow Your Own Food Right in the Kitchen IMG_1006-225x300 Grow Your Own Food Right in the Kitchen

IMG_0502-225x300 Grow Your Own Food Right in the Kitchen

Add micro greens to wraps, salads, or throw them right in your smoothie!!











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Be Well! 🙂

Susie R.