I saw this title of Ben Greenfield’s new book and it hit me instantly. This is brilliant!! I have yet to read his book but I am a huge fan and have it on order.

The title “Fit Soul” struck me right away because I have always believed and felt a deeper connection with moving my body. Whether its through dance or exercise there is connecting with emotions and soul.

There is a certain “feeling’ that comes with full out movement and intention. Its a feeling that is familiar to me ever since I have been dancing throughout college and now doing High intensity Interval Training at Syphus Training.

What is a fit soul? To me its looking beyond weightloss with exercise & fitness. It’s digging deeper and allowing yourself to FEEL whatever it is you need when you exercise. Let it out!  This is healing. This is empowering . This is connecting your soul to movement. Movement is a powerful tool in overall health and wellness.

In my weekly newsletter I will be including a section titled “fit soul” where you will find all the feels and ramblings of my Syphus Training journey thus far and overall quest to not only shape my body but my mind and ultimately get into transformative soul work. For me this is to ultimately live to serve, give, teach others and make the world a better place to live in for my kids, family, and generations. 

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Fit Soul
What is a fit soul? Its connecting an exercise routine to healing yourself physically and mentally. Its looking past weight loss to something deeper. I am excited that I have a space to share all that I “feel” while exercising. I’ll start with Syphus Training…so much in my mind about this genre of fitness and what it has done for me mentally and physically. I post often about the magnetizing energy I receive from the flow of circuits and tasks. This creative outlet has healed me in so many ways. Plus it has kept me in the best shape of my life!!! My current favorite tasks are amarok, boulder,and tauntaun.
Amarok – I feel free, confident, and my spirit is flying
Boulder  –  I am connected to the ground/earth, humbled, and it engages everything!!!
TaunTaun – I feel like I’m dancing across the stage and I’m probably turning my toes out to much on this one, lol!
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Be Well
and HNY!!
Susie R.
IMG_6796-800x1024 Fit Soul in 2021