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Who Are You ?

40 days...YUP 40 DAYZZZZZZ (thats just about 6 weeks for those who have lost track of time) its been since my family and I have been "staying at home" to stay safe and healthy during this CRAZY pandemic time of our lives. Being in quarantine can teach you alot about...

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Super Simple Pinto Bean Dip

It’s taco Thursday over here at our house and we usually have Amys kitchen brand black bean dip as a staple with our taco night but not tonight. When I went to grab a can out of the pantry I realized I was out. Due to our current "stay at home" situation its not...

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Love Is All You Need In 2020

Life holds so many mysteries. Though our tendencies are to figure it all out and find out "why" , contentment and ultimately gratitude come when we accept the beauty in all the mystery. This is not an easy feat! One of the most important and often forgotten or...

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 When I first started Syphus Training I was hooked! I was especially hooked on (obsessed with) getting to the top of the leaderboard with a high score. For those of you not familiar with Syphus Training basically you need to get through a certain amount of...

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