Exercise is a priority in my life because I make it that way. It doesn’t magically happen and it doesn’t come easy. I am busy and wear many hats including being a mom to 4 kids ranging from ages 2-12. Some days take more planning than others but I know that I am 100% responsible for my own health. I have a mentality that if I don’t exercise I’m going to pay for it down the line. If you can’t make this connection between exercise and your overall health it’s really hard to stick with it.

You have to view exercise as you would sleep or drinking enough water. It’s a daily necessity that can’t be overlooked. You have to make it become part of you and who you are, NOT something you HAVE to do.

My kids inspire me tremendously and making exercise a priority teaches them to care about their own health and wellness.

IMG_1113-e1519412455484-225x300 The BEST Workout for Busy Moms!

Exercising in the morning is the ideal time for me. It never fails that as the day gets going excuses pile up, work load gets heavier, and plans change. I make it happen by planning my workout times on Sunday before the week starts. It also helps to tell your spouse, family, or friends your exercise schedule. This holds you more accountable and ups the chances you will get it done!

Have an “I can and I will” attitude when it comes to exercise. It also helps to have a “why”. Finding YOUR “why” is a powerful motivator.

Before I started Syphus Training 4 years ago I had tried every exercise class from Zumba to Cross Fit. Syphus was different and I was hooked. In sixty minutes you work EVERY.SINGLE.MUSCLE. in your body plus cardio, body-weight, and weight training combined. For this busy mom who only has sixty minutes max a day to commit to daily exercise it’s ideal! Plus it’s fun and highly motivating chasing a higher score and solid form. You CAN NOT get that anywhere else!

I see Syphus Training as an investment in my health. I am determined to make it work because I know its ultimately savings in the bank of my long-term health and longevity! The health benefits are well worth the monetary cost and the workout lives up to every promise it makes and then some! Some even call it “The fountain of youth!” Its time for you to get to Syphus Training and invest in your health!

Be Well!

Susie R.

STOrange-1 The BEST Workout for Busy Moms!