syphustraining_logo-2 Are You "Following Through" the Task at Hand?

Recently at Syphus Training I started trying a few new approaches to certain tasks that I felt could use some improvement. Take for example a HIKE. I don’t understand why I always get the plate to reach the same spot every time. It never seems to change or go farther (unless its humid then its really not moving).

Once in a great while it soars across the turf and I perk up but thats few and far between. You can’t really rush a hike so trying to move faster was not the key to pushing through this task. Instead I found the solution by taking my initial stance deeper. I did something else that was the key to getting my plate to move farther hence getting through the task quicker.  I am calling this movement the “follow through”.  When I follow through on a hike I can get the plate to move farther vs. when I don’t.

It looks like this; jump back, reach for the plate, squat LOW and toss back then FOLLOW THROUGH the movement with your arms out the tips of your fingers letting the momentum pass through. Picture an invisible energy moving out of your arms and fingertips as you release the plate backwards.

As I practiced this more I was pleasantly surprised how much better my form looked and how much further my plate was moving on certain tasks. We all know how to start tasks but are we truly finishing them to the fullest?

The follow through technique not only helped with HIKES but its also helped with potty shots, thrasher, toro, ape shoot, and many more! This is not a new concept by any means but I think that all junkies could use the reminder that this simple last step can be very helpful overall.

IMG_3851-184x300 Are You "Following Through" the Task at Hand?

Practicing the follow through on ape shoot helps the plate soar

Let me warn you that practicing following through on certain tasks may not necessarily improve your score but your form will look and feel better.

On a side note…When I studied dance and was performing, before a big show we would practice ALOT! I’m talking 4-6 hours a day! We would do something called “mark” the dance piece. This meant we moved through movements with music and counting but mostly visualizing and not getting worn out. When our instructor told us to run the dance piece “Full Out” that was completely different! Full out meant you GIVE IT YOUR ALL perfecting and finishing every movement as if your were on stage in front of a large audience.

Syphus Junkies make it a point to do the circuits Full Out and Follow-Through the tasks at hand. You will not only feel good but your form will improve greatly!

Be Well! 🙂


Susie R.


IMG_3635-636x1024 Are You "Following Through" the Task at Hand?