182413785_4134495953277921_8424768657843420704_n Activate AutophagyDid you know you can renew your body by activating autophagy! Autophagy is absolutely fascinating and returns the power to you! You are in control of your health. You have the power to renew your cells by your lifestyle choices. You are not doomed by your genetics or your past. Start today by investing in your health and learn the power of autophagy! Make your immune system work for you!
Autophagy Is the process by which cells degrade and recycle their dysfunctional parts.
Autophagy is highly beneficial to immune health because it
  • optimizes cell function including that of immune cells by allowing the body to replace faulty cell parts or cells completely.
  • replaces dysfunctional mitochondria that may be producing excessive levels of oxidative stress.
  • prevents the buildup of toxins
  • modulates the immune response to infections
  • removes harmful microbes from inside cells
  • Reduces inflammation in the long term
There are many ways YOU can enhance or trigger autophagy but here are a few;
3 EATING A LOW CARB (Low INSULIN stimulating) diet
4 SLEEPING WELL combined with fasting
Also consuming curcumin, vitamin D, and Omega 3 fats can boost autophagy
How cool is it that you can renew your own cells !!
Take control of your health!
Be Well! 🙂
Susie R