What exactly should I eat?  I get this question a lot from people! With all the healthy info bombarding us daily how can we decipher what really is GOOD and BAD for our health?  One day we are told to eat more coconut and the next day its chia seeds.  I know these ever changing “superfoods” can get overwhelming and probably annoying.  Once you think you have got it all down pat it changes again!

Overall we all want the same thing.  To be healthy! Right?! So whatever the headlines are or what the latest Dr. Oz episode is saying I have put together 12 universal health truths we all can follow for better health!

NutritionPage 12 Universal Health Truths We Can All Follow

Following these guidelines and adjusting them to your unique lifestyle will provide you with a solid health foundation.

  1. Avoid processed/fast foods.

  2. Avoid artificial sweeteners

  3. Avoid preservatives and artificial food colorings.

  4. Avoid refined oils and trans fats (margarine, corn, soybean, canola)

  5. Avoid sugar as best as we can (sugar is a catalyst to a whole host of diseases)

  6. Avoid “fat free” products in packages

  7. Remove most any and all grains (including white/wheat flour, whole wheat, whole grain) as they are pro-inflammatory and problematic to the digestive system if not soaked and prepared properly.

  8. Eat organic pasture raised meat vs. conventional CAFO (confined animal feeding operation) meat.

  9. Dairy-milk/cheese choose raw if possible if not available then drinking organic full fat grass fed dairy and cultured dairy drinks such as plain full fat organic kefir and Amasai from Beyond Organic.

  10. Eat more healthy fats such as avocado, olives and extra virgin olive oil (for dressing not cooking), pastured butter, ghee, coconut oil, and flax oil to name a few.

  11. Adding in cultured beverages like Kombucha and cultured vegetables to our diet.

  12. Eating more vegetables and fruit (preferably organic)

 Keeping these health truths in mind you still also need to listen to your own body.  For example if when you eat meat you feel tired and sluggish then maybe you need to cut back and focus on more organic fruits, veggies, and healthy fats.  If you are a strict vegan but find yourself constantly hungry with cravings then adding in some pastured organic animal products would probably benefit you by providing essential fats and proteins your body may need.  Some days you may feel super hungry so eat more and other days you may not feel that hungry at all so eat less.  If you have food allergies/sensitivities you need to work around those to.

Bottom line: Listen to your own body and follow these 12 guidelines for a solid health foundation!