I come from a LARGE loving family, 7 siblings total and LOTS of nieces and nephews ( I lost count after 15!) Each year we celebrate the weekend before Thanksgiving as a tradition to take the pressure off of actual Thanksgiving day and less stops and places to be that day! I love to host this annual event and this year I have to say my turkeys (I made 2) came out the BEST! I added in two new “secret” ingredients that gave the ultimate mouth-watering flavor and had everyone coming back for seconds!

HERE is my recipe for the ULTIMATE HEALTHY and DELICIOUS Thanksgiving bird full of fantastic flavor!


1 (or in my case 2) 12-15lb. ORGANIC (PASTURED IS BEST) TURKEY -> Mine is from www.organicprairie.com


Secret ingredient #1– BROWN CULTURED BUTTER.  Brown butter adds in a unique complex flavor. Brown butter, or beurre noisette, is widely used in restaurant kitchens to bring a rich, nutty note to dishes.(www.thrivemarket.com)

Secret ingredient #2-FRESH SAGE CUT FROM MY GARDEN







Take your bird and rinse it well in the sink and dry.  Place it breast side down onto rack in roasting pan. Stuff 5 celery stalks, 5 carrots and half an onion inside. Coat the whole turkey with lots of brown butter leaving it with a good layer on top.


Next, sprinkle sea salt to cover all areas and also a little pepper.  Generously go over the bird with poultry seasoning be sure to get the wings to! Lastly stuff a few leaves of sage inside and tuck a few in around the turkey legs and wings.  Take one last big scoop of brown butter and stuff inside.  Pour 2 cups stock in bottom of pan.  This will help with collecting all the drippings and bits when done to make a good gravy!

Cover and Roast at 350 for 3.5-4 hours basting every hour (scooping juice dripping from bottom over top). Turkey is done when it reaches an internal temp of 165 degrees (use a meat thermometer to be sure).


Let sit and cool for an hour and then carve! Enjoy

Thanksgiving card with autumn leaves. Editable vector design.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be well:)

Susie R.