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Homemade Taco Spice Recipe

Taco's and taco salad are a weekly staple in our home. When you opt out of store bought kits and make your own spice instead you make the meal a whole lot healthier.  Next add in organic 100% grass fed beef, non GMO GF shells, and all kinds of add ons such as...

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Quinoa Tabouli Loaded with Healthy Fats and Protein

  Parsley is credited with all kinds of health benefits.  Its a great herb to add to many dishes and even better eaten raw in a salad. Its easy to grow and most people enjoy the taste. Eating more parsley can be beneficial to overall health because its loaded...

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Homemade (Paleo friendly) Kibbeh balls

I’ll admit I never ate much lamb growing up. It was not until I met my husband that I was truly introduced to this delicious meat. My husband is Lebanese and a traditional staple Lebanese food is Kibbeh or lamb mixed with spices. It can be eaten raw (from good...

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The Problem with Protein Bars and Shakes

Exercise and a post workout protein shake go hand in hand these days.  Protein powders and bars are big business and growing.  Enter any health food or vitamin store and you will find aisles dedicated to all sorts of powders and bars. What is one to do?   Occasionally...

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Yummy Warm Winter Broccoli Soup

  When it comes to nutrition broccoli is an ALL STAR FOOD and also considered a pregnancy super food (bonus!) Here are some health facts about this amazing super food you may not know….  A cup of cooked broccoli offers as much vitamin C as an orange Broccoli is...

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How to make “taco night” dinners Super Healthy!

I am assuming most of us like Mexican food. Right?!  If you have kids or even if you don't taco night is a quick, easy homemade meal to get together and bonus most kids like it!  Unfortunately many of the popular brand kits, sauces, spices, shells, dips, even meats...

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Healthy, quick, grab and go snack with RECIPE!

Are you looking for a healthy, quick, grab-and-go snack for you and your whole family? Most of the so-called “health” bars, granola bars, and protein bars on the market today contain questionable ingredients. Many of which are hard to pronounce, are most likely...

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Awesome FAT BURNING coffee recipe!

Are you ready to take your morning cup of joe to the next level?  Try my Awesome FAT BURNING COFFEE recipe  to bump up your coffee to fat burning status! Its easy, super healthy, and delicious plus a great way to get in some healthy fats!  1 tsp CINNAMON 1tsp-1TBLSP...

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