I know I know not everyone likes to exercise.  Getting to a sweaty class, twisting yourself up in yoga, or having a personal trainer yelling down your throat may not be your cup of tea or what gets you going.  But either way you HAVE to figure out WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO EXERCISE by trying things out.  There is something out there for everyone!  Ask your friends what workouts they have been loving and do your own investigating but checking out a website or trying a class.

fitness-plan-infograph-300x212 How to GET MOTIVATED to EXERCISE!

Many gyms offer a “trial” class that is often free before you sign into a commitment. Forget your fears and don’t be shy or embarrassed – just try things!!! This is your health on the line!   If you are not into group fitness there are hundreds of other options.  Just move every day and start somewhere. Just going for a long daily walk and stretching is something.  Getting in the habit of some-sort of daily exercise is the way to go.

Besides that here are some other tips to help you along the way

  1. Commit a time everyday you will workout and stick to it! Write it on your calendar and your “to-do” list.  Check it off when you are done.  For example I know for myself when my kids get off to school I am ready to get moving and get my day started.  I usually always head into a class from 830-930 or workout at home during this time.  I mark this on our family calendar and my personal list for the day.
  2. MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC! Music can literally MAKE or BREAK your workout.  having a great mix and a good set of earbuds is HUGE.  Some mornings my intended power walks turn into runs because my music has pumped me up so much!  Seriously get a good mix together for yourself with higher tempo beats you enjoy and see what happens!!!
  3. Grab a friend!  Ask your pal to join you a few days a week.  Having someone to hold you accountable is huge motivation.  Meet up at a class together or meet outside for a run.  Whatever you choose do it together and make it a high priority (aka don’t cancel last minute)
  4. Clean up your diet!  There is not better way to get motivated than by eating clean and feeling the benefits.  You will literally WANT to workout and feel really good about yourself.  Try it, see how it feels, then keep it up!
  5. Create a vision board dedicated to exercise motivation. Cut out pics of people that inspire you, and put up motivating quotes and what you WANT. Be specific for example ” I am exercising everyday for my long-tern health”.  ” I am exercising everyday to get and feel fit.” etc etc. Put this board up where you can look at it multiple times a day.  Make a pointe to look, visualize, and feel what it is you want.  If you do this daily eventually you will see things unfold and start to happen its the law of attraction!

I hope I have provided you with some tools to GET UP EVERYDAY AND GET MOVING! It is no longer an option not to exercise.  INVEST in your long term health and make the commitment to exercise EVERYDAY!

Be Well! 🙂

Susie R.

p.s. I’m on Instagram now posting lots of fun pics and video!

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