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Wakeup. Workout!

Studies show you are more likely to get your workout in if you do it first thing in the morning vs. later. Maybe you are not a morning person but sometimes its not just effort but the type of effort you make with exercise that can get you the results you are looking...

Good Habits

When something makes you feel great, look great and feel better about yourself you should keep doing it right?  YES, YES, YES!! The habits you have that emphasize SELF DISCIPLINE and ultimately SELF CONTROL are SMART and when you find them make them part of your daily...

Easy Ways to Detox Your Home

GUESS WHAT? I'm going to let you in on a little secret.... YOU DON'T NEED CHEMICALS TO KEEP YOUR HOUSE CLEAN!  Chemicals are harmful to our health all around.  We are bombarded already in our air, food, and water and this is negatively impacting our health and our...

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